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I-55 Bridge in Memphis

Started by Charles2, October 09, 2014, 08:34:58 PM

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Plutonic Panda

Good deal I'm just confused as to whether or not the third lane will be carried through on the Crump Boulevard interchange project.


Looks like there's been an announcement:

(I'll admit, however, that it's not immediately clear to me what's new with the new announcement.)

P.S. I know in another thread the point was raised about whether Memphis/I-55 threads should be under "Southeast" or "Mid South".   I'll observe that, as a former Memphian, I had a helluva time finding this thread.  While most of Tennessee might be "southeast", Memphis is in the "mid-South".

I suppose this is just one of the joys of discussing something in the far corner of a long, skinny state.


Ah...found it.

Official press release:

Feds are sending $400m to help kick off the old bridge's replacement.  This is in addition to the up-to $250m committed from both TN TDOT and ARDOT.


Quote from: Plutonic Panda on June 24, 2024, 05:04:46 PMGood deal I'm just confused as to whether or not the third lane will be carried through on the Crump Boulevard interchange project.

I don't believe the new overpasses are designed for 3 lanes, at least without eliminating most of the shoulders. My assumption is that the traffic patterns are such that a lot of traffic will get off for Riverside/Crump anyway, similar to the brief lane drop east of the Hernando de Soto bridge on I-40.


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Quote from: roadman65 on July 12, 2024, 05:41:21 PMGooglemaps show the new I-55 alignment already with Crump Blvd as a dead end.,+TN/@35.1245637,-90.0683881,16.57z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x87d57e1eea439745:0xd193f315601ab6fe!8m2!3d35.1495343!4d-90.0489801!16zL20vMGNfbTM?entry=ttu

Makes sense, since already bulldozed the connections to Riverside and Crump to make way for the roundabout construction months ago, as you can see on the satellite imagery. The new southbound flyover is temporarily a single lane in each direction while they build the northbound flyover.


One has to wonder with the total sectional deck replacement on the existing bridge earlier this year if the Arkansas and Tennessee DOTS actually think the new bridge is ever going to be built; at least in this location.
Let's build what we need as economically as possible.


Will the railroad spur down Kansas Street be terminated at Crump? Other than storing MoW equipment for the railroad, it has no customers south of Crump. The south connection at McLemore has been removed. Just curious.

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