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My Iowa shield gallery is two away from being complete!  I'm currently missing one state route and one Interstate.  I can snag those plus Iowa's remaining 15 counties on a 2-day trip in the future...maybe this winter. I got a picture of an I-880 marker, new to Iowa, as part of my album of source photos showing where I got my shield photos for the shield gallery.

IA-I-880-I-29ER by Paul Drives, on Flickr

Here's a recap of the trips I've taken in 2022 so far.  There may be one to three little trips I might take between now and the end of the year.  But for now, here's a recap of trips I have taken as of mid-September.

* In February, I took a winter weekend with nicer weather, as an opportunity to drive I-55 in Illinois, I-65 in Indiana, and I-64 in both Illinois and Indiana.  I never bothered to clinch I-64 in my home state of Illinois, and I like to stay fairly near home during the winter.  I ended up getting clinches of I-170 in Missouri and I-264 in Kentucky along this trip, as a bonus.
* In May, I took a trip to the Cedar Rapids road meet, and I ended up using this trip to Iowa to complete my routesnapping of the state!  I only needed photos of Interstate 380 and Iowa Route 139 to complete my shield gallery.  The completed shield gallery can be seen here!  If you want to go a bit more behind the scenes, to see where the shield images came from, the original photos can be seen here! This trip was also the final piece of the puzzle to clinch all the counties in Iowa!
* As July faded into August, I took a trip to both peninsulas of Michigan, to finish county clinching and routesnapping that state as well! The trip took me to the Keweenaw Peninsula, Drummond Island, and Alpena.  I have a complete shield gallery for Michigan, seen here, and the original photos are available for viewing here.
* As August faded into September, I took a trip with my wife to see the four national parks of Colorado.  We flew into Colorado Springs, and drove counterclockwise around a big circuitous path.  In order, we visited Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Mesa Verde National Park, and Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Our overnight stays, in order, were in Estes Park, Paonia, Montrose, Cortez, and Monte Vista.  All four national parks are now covered in the appropriate section of my website, which first was published in December.  I got a few route marker photos for my national collection, including the three state highways in Colorado, US160, US550, and US285.
Future trips for the rest of the year may include a routesnapping trip across the northern half of Ohio, a trip to clinch all the Interstates of Iowa, and a visit to some family in Arizona that might get me coverage of Saguaro National Park.  All three of these trips are merely maybes at this point (I'll definitely go to Ohio, but I don't know if I'll spin it into a routesnapping excursion yet).


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