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Max Rockatansky:

--- Quote from: MultiMillionMiler on January 29, 2023, 11:41:13 AM ---We've had 0 snow so far, thank God, about to break the record for no snow too!

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Which god are we thanking?


Max Rockatansky:

--- Quote from: Takumi on January 29, 2023, 12:37:02 PM ---

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Every time I see Redís face I end up wondering if Bobby can fly?


Last night I saw a young woman in a flattering black dress with a beaded necklace and no makeup at a nearby Wal-Mart. She looked like she was ready to go on a date with some guy after she left the store, and I did something impulsive. I told her she looked like she was going on a date. Her reply was "It better be with my husband."  I complimented him to her for his taste in women and walked away.

After this however, I started to think she assumed I was trying to pick her up. For the record, I wasn't.

Something got me thinking about the night the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup back in 2002. I was working and decided to head down to Detroit after work for the night, I was only 23 years old and used to staying up all night and being able to go to work the next day at that time I doubt I could do that anymore but anyway after work I left for Detroit. I knew that they were going to be closing streets for people entering downtown after awhile since downtown was over flooded with people that night. I parked my car at the Greektown garage and walked over to Hockeytown Cafe, then left there and stood on the east side of Woodward Avenue facing the Fox Theater and on the big screen outside Hockeytown Cafe watched the game there with thousands of other people lining Woodward Avenue. I stayed in that area until about the end of the 2nd period and started walking back towards Greektown and got in my car, for some reason left the downtown area for a minute then figured out one entrance into downtown they didn't have closed down and regained entry into downtown. The Wings had a 2-1 lead going into the 3rd period and I was listening to it on the radio at that point. There was probably about 5 minutes to go in the game I remember Brendan Shanahan scoring an empty net goal to make it 3-1 and after it became a final everyone flooded the streets of downtown, honking their horns and going nuts. I was on Michigan and Griswold when the game ended, rode around Detroit blasting music and having a good time all night long then left there about 5 in the morning because I had to be back to Saginaw for work at 8. I was making my way up Woodward and going through Highland Park, stopped for the light at McNichols and two women completely naked ran right across Woodward everyone at the light honked at them. Only in Detroit.


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