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A lot of the interstate Rest Areas have been improving to add "alternative" rooms when the main Men's or Women's room is closed for cleaning, which I see as a big plus compared to getting off an exit and finding a public restroom, only to find a sign on the door saying, Temporarily Closed For Cleaning" or "Out of order".

Very rarely have I seen an open state-owned rest area that doesn't have an alternative for a closed Men's or Women's restroom.  It may be a single-seater Unisex or Family bathroom, but it is still an alternative.


On another topic, INDOT will be hosting meetings (one in-person, one virtual) later this month on the expansion of I-70 and associated interchange and bridge improvements in Wayne County. The in-person meeting will take place January 23, 2023, on the IU East campus in Richmond. The announcement can be accessed here.

Of note, the announcement states construction is anticipated to commence in the Fall of 2024, with a completion date dependent on "project development, construction phasing and future funding."

the SR 37 Project in Fishers has gotten better. they restriped the lanes going southbound to line up correctly and warned you of the right lane being exit only. they have turn 141st into a 1st for me at seeing at least, a signalized RIRO. fishers says that the 141st interchange is still on schedule to be built later this year or early next. this appears to be an ok bandaid in the interim

indot has closed the 56th st ramp to 465 nb for a year to alleviate weaving issues and to give construction workers room to work on clear path.


--- Quote from: FixThe74Sign on January 16, 2023, 11:27:49 AM ---Put me in the camp of pro rest stops. They tore down the rest stop on 74 Eastbound near the Ohio border last year, and I've noticed lots of trucks parking at the SR 101 exit overnight, resulting in shoulder damage and trash everywhere. And that rest stop was only 10 years old or so...

I also like using rest stops if I need a quick bathroom break, as I know it's an easy in and easy out, and I generally don't have to gamble and hope I picked a good gas station.

At least they are going to re-do the Welcome Centers. I know Indiana generally isn't prime road trip country, but I like how the states out West usually have a nice welcome center where you can take a picture of a welcome sign to document your trip.

--- End quote ---

Rest Areas are important as private businesses come and go, change their hours, etc. and while the services off a highway may have restrooms, it isn't really their job to provide them to every traveler including those who buy nothing but have to "go". 
Driving semi-frequently from NE Ohio to Lafayette, IN via I-71, US 30, I-469, US 24, and IN 25, it is amazing the difference between Ohio and Indiana in rest areas.  On US 30 in Ohio alone, you have 4 rest areas between Mansfield and the Indiana line.  Plus another on I-71.  It has really made a difference when many times, due to necessity, I am making the trip late at night and some businesses are closed mostly overnight that used to be open then.  I used to use the Owens store (now Kroger) in Huntington as a de facto rest area (to use the restroom, walk/stretch a minute before the final 90 minutes of the westbound trip) but they are no longer open 24 hours.  There are fast food and gas places that aren't open overnight either--the new Casey's stations in Huntington and Peru close by 12am if not earlier.  I suppose you could pull in to the Hampton Inn in Wabash and beg to use the restroom or something.  At least Ohio has a number of rest areas and they are well-maintained.  The first sign entering Ohio on US 30 EB from Indiana is "Rest Area 9 miles" so they must be aware that people coming in from Indiana may need it!  :P


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