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Is anyone else in here following the USA Mens' National team?

They just peeled off another win, USA 1:0 Honduras, at Rio Tinto Stadium in suburban Salt Lake City on Tuesday evening to take a commanding lead in their group in qualifying for next year's World Cup.  They now have 13 standings points, three points ahead of Costa Rica and five points ahead of third-place Mexico (who I consider to be in serious danger of missing the World Cup), with four games to go.

They have been doing very well, indeed, since Jürgen Klinsmann took over as head coach two years ago.


Any thoughts?


english si:
Does Klinsmann still slide on his belly when he scores? that was everyone's favourite goal celebration when I was growing up: score a tap in in a 'jumpers for goalposts' situation and it was almost expected that you would shout "Klinsmann" and bellyflop to the floor.

CONCACAF get three places, plus a playoff verse New Zealand.

The run in is as follows:
USA (13): Costa Rica (A), Mexico (H), Jamaica (H), Panama (A)
Costa Rica (11): USA (H), Jamaica (A), Honduras (A), Mexico (H)
Mexico (8): Honduras (H), USA (A), Panama (H), Costa Rica (A)
Honduras (7): Mexico (A), Panama (H), Costa Rica (H), Jamaica (A)
Panama (6): Jamaica (H), Honduras (A), Mexico (A), USA (H)
Jamaica (2): Panama (A), Costa Rica (H), USA (A), Honduras (H)

USA and Costa Rica are going to qualify, Jamaica not. Mid-table is where the action is.

Mexico will beat the All Whites, so we're looking to see if Mexico will come 5th. All three play each other, but Panama is away for both their games. Mexico plays the other two at home, but plays the top 2 away. Mexico doesn't get Jamaica, but the worst that can happen is that Jamaica don't play when out of the competition, and Honduras put several past them, forcing Mexico into the playoff.

Mexico will be in Brazil next summer, unless something serious happens. They are not in serious danger, though they do have to 'par' their remaining matches. Lose their next one, then there's some serious danger.


--- Quote from: mgk920 on June 19, 2013, 11:50:55 AM ---Is anyone else in here following the USA Mens' National team?

--- End quote ---

No, the Stanley Cup is on.

Absolutely following the soccer, although I missed the game at Jamaica because we don't get the channel on which it aired (beIN Sports). I thought last night's game was one of those where the US team was a lot more dominant than the stat sheet would show. But the most important thing is that no US player who entered with a yellow card got a second one. The next game (at Costa Rica) is going to be a nasty enough scene as it is, probably worse than usual because they think they were screwed by playing that game in the snow (but it's their own fault for not following the correct protest procedure), and it would have been that much more difficult had we lost guys to card-related suspensions.

I don't think I'd ever seen a Real Salt Lake game on TV. The field at that stadium last night looked absolutely magnificent, especially compared to the chopped-up surface in Seattle last week.

Surprised to see "fútbol", as "football" is spelt in my language, in the thread title. "Football" is what soccer is called anywhere in the world, your "football" is called "American football" anywhere.

Too bad my hometown team was demoted from 2nd division last season :(. OTOH, Spain is now playing the Confederations cup, they have beaten Uruguay 2-1 and tomorrow will play against Tahiti. They got 3rd place in South Africa after losing to USA in semifinals.


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