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About SR-364, I've read that the Sierra Club was a big opponent of this freeway. Maybe MoDOT thought; "if we don't do it good now, we are never gonna be able to widen it in the future".

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--- Quote from: Chris on June 24, 2009, 02:26:44 PM ---About SR-364, I've read that the Sierra Club was a big opponent of this freeway. Maybe MoDOT thought; "if we don't do it good now, we are never gonna be able to widen it in the future".

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MO 364 is probably the most recent major controversial highway facility to survive cancellation around St. Louis.  I'd say the most controversial highway ever except that US 40 had a gap for many years between Brentwood and Skinker due to opposition, I believe I-44 came close to cancellation inside I-270, and even the built part of I-170 was fairly controversial - but some of that came from proposals to use tolls to finish and a dispute between St. Louis County and MoDOT's predecessor agency over which part to complete first.

The main issues with MO 364 were:

1) The selected routing through Creve Couer County Park - although given the park expansion and heavily used trail following MO 364 across the Missouri River that was built as part of the deal, I have to wonder if the routing was really so bad.

2) The urban sprawl issue - although after spending many years in part of St. Louis County and given the crime, poor schools, and earnings tax of St. Louis City, I can't blame people for heading out to the next ring of counties.

3) The large cost - I recall some saying that the given price tag didn't include improvements to the I-270 interchange.  There was also controversy about the highway taking funding away from other projects.

The early plans for what evolved into MO 370 had the highway - then an expressway instead of a freeway - continuing south to recross the Missouri River close to where US 40 descends into the Chesterfield Valley.  Today I think the next new Missouri River bridges in the area will be:

1) A new bridge for EB US 40, with the existing EB bridge for WB US 40, and the current WB bridge for the Chesterfield Airport Road entrance and possibly a bike lane.

2) A new bridge or two for the "Corridors of the Future" Truck lanes, mostly likely involving two new bridge for MO 370 - I don't see making 370 one general purpose lane or taking lanes away from I-70 going over too well, given the thoughts over converting a general purpose lane or two to HOV lanes.

3) A replacement for one of the Blanchette/I-70 bridges.

Looks like Forest Park is a major landmark then   :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:


--- Quote from: WISFreeways on September 20, 2009, 03:27:55 PM ---Looks like Forest Park is a major landmark then   :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow:

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What about Interstate 55 :clap:

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Came across a map today in a 1967 St. Louis County report that showed the Page Avenue Extension extended down to the I-44/MO 109 interchange in Eureka (the old one at the Central overpass, not the current one today where MO 109 goes under I-44).

Interestingly, this map showed the Inner Belt splitting near the north end, with one half being the currently built alignment and the other route looping over along an abandoned railroad grade to end at Riverview Blvd next to the Mississippi.  The southern extension of the Inner Belt was also shown crossing I-44 near the Edgar Road overpass.
I'm really disappointed at the job MoDOT did rebuilding I-70 from I-170 to near downtown.   The corridor needed a few more revisions, and I really wonder if keeping the reversible lanes was a good idea.  There should also be more advanced signage letting out of towners know about the availability of the express lanes, and the express lanes really need to be posted higher than 55 for having one entrance/exit for their length.


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