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Author Topic: Moonshine Lunch Run  (Read 1826 times)


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Moonshine Lunch Run
« on: April 13, 2016, 11:28:14 AM »

My special needs daughter and I made another ride to the Moonshine Lunch Run, www.moonshine-run.com on my made in the USA Honda VTX 1300R.  It is a motorcycle ride-in that raises money for charities in the Casey, Martinville, Marshall area of Illinois which is between Effingham and Terra Haute on I-70.  Moonshine is actually a few miles east of the interstate with a population of 2 in the middle of corn fields. 

It attracts motorcyclist of all types.  It is not a bar hopping thing like Sturgis has a reputation for.  There are all types of motorcycles and all types of riders.  Some are long distance riders.  Some are dirt riders.  Some are just local riders.  Some are tourers.  I am a cross between tourer and long distance.  There were folks from Boston, Cape Cod, SF bay area, south FL, Montana, San Diego, far northern MN, NYC, Maine, and Edmonton, Alberta.  Some rode in snow and most rode in cold.     

We took the more scenic route with some interstate and some secondary roads by way of TX to northeastern AR, northwestern TN, western KY, southwestern IN, IL.  For the ride home we interstated it to St. Louis then secondarys through southern MO to a little of southeast Kansas, then OK, and back home to the Dallas area.

Our first day of 600+ miles was fair weather after starting out cold for Dallas.  We did encounter rain in eastern AR and all the second day, plus it got colder. We hit sleet and 37 degree temps the last 50 miles.  The sleet did not cause a problem as it was light and did not last long.  We did have more sleet the next day while riding back to the hotel from one of the events.

We saw a few people from previous trips.  One fellow from Cape Cod has been to the last six or seven.  We had some good food and a good feeling knowing almost all of the money spent went to charities. 

The ride home started out at 28 degrees with rain in the forecast for later.  We have the proper gear. The temps gradually warmed to a more reasonable near 50 before it began raining.  It rained off and on all the way home.  The temps fluctuated from near 50 to 70s.

When we were near home I planned to stop to eat and take off the rain gear as it was blue sky to the south.  I did not look to the west.  We stopped at a DQ to eat.  About the time we sat down a sudden terrible storm blew through with large hail.  This is not uncommon in our part of the country.  Some areas were hit with baseball size hail.  Where we were the hail was marble size.  No damage and we got to eat.  By the time we were done eating the storm was over.  Needless to say we left our rain gear on.  Sure enough the sun was back out big and bright for the rest of the ride home.

We logged over 2000 miles in the 6 days we were gone.  It actually was a good trip except I got sick on the way home with a bad cold.  The worst of it hit me after I was safely home.  We met a bunch of great people from all over and had some good clean fun.
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