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The worst pain you’ve experienced

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3 days after each shot or 3 in total across all 4?

I had no side effects at all with the fourth shot.


--- Quote from: MultiMillionMiler on January 05, 2023, 07:13:09 PM ---3 days after each shot or 3 in total across all 4?

--- End quote ---

After each, on average. My immune system isn't all that great, which is all the more reason to get preventative care like vaccines done.

We really don't need to relitigate the covid bullshit again.

Worst pain: Some blood in my urine for no explained reason.  In an attempt to figure out why, I was sent for a diagnostic procedure in which a miniature camera was forced up my urethra so pictures could be taken of the inside of my bladder.  Local anesthetic was used, but it was extremely painful right through the anesthetic.  (Results - inconclusive, no cause of the bleeding was found.)  Continued to be very painful for several days after.


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