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--- Quote from: kenarmy on December 14, 2022, 06:47:54 PM ---When and why was MS 15 changed from being a continuous route? And I've noticed Google maps still has it on I-110 despite being truncated.

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MS 15 has always had a gap between Perry and Stone county as far as I know. I am aware from looking at MDOT Linear reference model data that they seem to have a continuous route on their wishlist, with a road to fill in that gap down as "proposed".

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MS 15 was continuous from US 90 to Laurel and beyond from at least 1960-65.  Oddly, it replaced MS 57 south of US 98 in 1959-60 and MS 57 was moved east to replace MS 59 (presumably to eliminate coincidence numbering with I-59)...why not just replace MS 59 with MS 15?

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--- Quote from: Mapmikey on December 27, 2022, 06:36:35 PM ---why not just replace MS 59 with MS 15?

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Three reasons.  First, Mississippi has a grid for their state route system that they've generally tried to adhere to.  Second, a route directly to Biloxi was seen as more of a priority route than to what was then (and still generally is) a hole-in-the-wall in rural Jackson County.  Third, state highways in Mississippi are not official unless/until they've been codified in state law, so this is how the legislators did that (and we all know how well they handle logic).


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