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Title: TravelingBethelite travels
Post by: TravelingBethelite on August 14, 2020, 07:45:36 PM
I'm not much of a Bethelite anymore, but I still travel, and I might as well keep track of it. This will be my catch-all for future trips, be they an evening drive or an epic week(s) long journey, though it might be a while before I ever do another one of the latter.

My next trip is from Texas back to Columbia for school returning, though I know we won't be in-person for very long. It's time for a change of scenery anyway, though I know I'll be sick of being stuck in Boone County before long. More fodder for day-trips around Missouri is not at all unwelcome; the state has grown on me recently.

I'll start by going up I-45 into Dallas, where I'll turn onto I-35E and continue onto I-35, and cross the Red River, entering Oklahoma. I'll exit onto US 77 at the first exit. Following it to Pauls Valley, I'll turn off onto OK 19 east, then turning onto US 177, then onto OK 59 east. South of Seminole, I'll turn onto US 377 north, staying on it until the junction with OK 66 in Stroud. I'll bear east onto the Mother Road, following it through Tulsa all the way to Vinita. Next I'll follow US 60 east, crossing back into Missouri. My next turn would be onto MO 59 north near Neosho, continuing onto I-49 north all the way to MO 18, following it to MO 52, which I'll take to US 65 north to US 50 east. I'll follow it to California, where I'll turn on to MO 87/179, continuing on MO 179 to I-70. I'll follow it east over the Missouri River into "the Athens of the Plains", which no one has ever described Columbia as in at least 50 years.

I really enjoyed my trip down here from Columbia in March. (Jeez has it been 5 months? God, I've wasted it...) I headed west on I-70 for a short distance, exiting onto US 40 at Exit 121. I love the section from there to Boonville, especially the 3 or 4 mile stretch across a floodplain of the Missouri. I made my first stop for gas at the Love's at I-70. From Boonville, I continued south onto MO 5, turning right onto Route E west in the rolling farmland of rural Cooper County. I stayed straight on MO 135 south to US 50, which I entered Sedalia on. I cut south of town on quiet residential streets, exiting it on Route B, which becomes MO 127 near the quaint, quiet town of Green Ridge. That road ends at MO 52, which took me to Clinton. From there, I turned onto MO 13 south, which was an expressway in the MODOT style for my entire time on it. South of Humansville (I wonder if they're robots?), I beared due south onto MO 123 (MO 13 runs north-northwesterly from Collins to south of Bolivar), stopping for gas at the purposely-named Bait Masters gas station for 5 bucks worth at the Route 215 junction. I briefly followed 215 west to 245 south, which took me to US 160 where it straightens back out on its westerly course after heading due north out of Everton. 160 led me to Golden City, where bearing left put me onto MO 126 west, which is a straight shot to the Kansas border, especially west of I-49, which is the flattest land I've seen in Missouri outside of the Bootheel or entering the state on MO 51 south of Chester, Illinois. [to be continued]
Title: Re: TravelingBethelite travels
Post by: TravelingBethelite on August 22, 2020, 12:43:52 AM
A few observations from day 1 of the trip to Columbia (all from Oklahoma):

-US 77 south of Davis - way hillier then I would have ever expected from (southern) Oklahoma!

-US 377 is signed very sporadically between I-40 and Stroud (OK 66/I-44)

-OK 66 is just a plain nice drive between Stroud and Sapulpa (though would be nicer during the day)