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Øresund bridge tunnel heading towards new traffic record

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--- Quote from: Chris on August 01, 2022, 12:32:52 PM ---
--- Quote from: roadman65 on August 01, 2022, 11:39:34 AM ---It also denotes the tunnel toll in English and not Dutch.

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That makes sense considering the tunnel is in Denmark and not the Netherlands.  :pan:

I checked the toll rates for the Øresund Bridge-Tunnel and concluded there is some kind of seasonal variation. The toll rate was € 64 last summer, € 55 in January and now € 65 again. The DKK/SEK rates also vary, so it's not an exchange rate issue. They do not seem to officially publish these variations.

€ 65 is outrageously expensive by the way, I think this makes it the most expensive toll facility in Europe.

Though commuters can enter a subscription plan which dramatically lowers the toll. So it's mostly tourists (and trucks) that pay these toll rates.

Still, the Helsingør - Helsingborg ferry charges € 33 for a crossing, so you'd think that would take some tourist traffic away from the Øresund Bridge.

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I meant Danish. 


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