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Tolls proposed for Cottonwood Canyons

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armadillo speedbump:
Good point on evil gondolas destroying everything.  Note how California and the rest of the civilized world have boycotted France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria because of their many aura ruining gondolas.  Backwards countries that never cared about aesthetics or the environment.  Who can enjoy the Alps nowadays? 

No denying that gondolas cause climate change, too.

But look nearby at how gondolas destroyed Albuquerque.  Once they erected that on Sandia Peak the angry residents revolted.  No longer able to live and work in peace with such a monstrosity hulking over their midst, they turned to a life of crime that continues to this day.  Heed their warning or prepare for Straight Outta Cottonwood!

We aren't talking about a glorified ski lift that goes up a mountain like those in the Alps, but one that will be the means of transportation through a canyon.  It will ruin the scenic nature of the canyon, myopically only caring about getting people to the private ski resorts rather than the various other recreational activities that people participate in year round...all at taxpayer expense.

Plutonic Panda:
Yeah, I just drove through here a few weeks ago. I don’t think it’ll ruin the natural beauty at all. I also think it’ll bring more people closer to nature, which is always great. At any rate, there are tons of other natural areas around Salt Lake City that won’t have these horrible gondolas you can go to.

Ski areas are hardly natural areas.


--- Quote from: i-215 on September 26, 2022, 07:26:16 PM ---Kids, kids, kids... you're BOTH wrong.

Let's settle this with the obvious answer:  Convert SR-210 in a FULL FREEWAY, with interchanges!   :bigass:

--- End quote ---

“Doesn’t 210 take you to West Valley and Magna?”

“No, that’s 201.”

“Oh.” 😉


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