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Stephane Dumas:

--- Quote from: Chris on January 19, 2010, 05:13:56 AM ---There is A LOT going on in infrastructure development in Africa these days, mostly done by the Chinese. Algeria is building several long-distance toll roads, Senegal is building it's first Autoroute, Tunisia has a decent Autoroute network, Sudan is significantly improving it's roads, Ethiopia is building a ring road around Addis Abeba, Egypt has built many freeways, Libya has several freeways, and even countries like Nigeria and Cameroon have multilane long-distance highways.

--- End quote ---

Didn't South Africa got some freeways networks as well around Durban, Cape Town, Petroria and Johanesburg?

Yes: the freeway network in Gauteng (Johannesburg and Pretoria) is fairly well developed.

Yep, Johannesburg is also called the "Los Angeles of South Africa" due to it's skyscrapers and freeways.


Nigeria has one of the largest amounts of multilane highways in Africa, often called Expressways, although they usually only have limited access interchanges at major junctions. Slow and unmotorized traffic are seen often on these roads, and they also often lack proper road markings and signage. Illegal housing is often built within the right-of-way, which seems to be a major challenge for the government to rehabilitate existing expressways. It is also virtually impossible to find some regular signage photos on the internet.

Here are some of those multilane highways:

^^^ Wow.  There seems to be a lack of signage of any type, and even the lane lines are missing at times.  Amazing pictures (as usual), Chris.  :clap:


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