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Roads and signage in the Czech Republic

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Hmm, i like the picture explaining the changes in road signage but i was wondering if maybe a National route map could also possible be put up?. Showing national highways and second class roads and the such. I think it would complement the pictures very well.

By the way did you enjoy Praque? Its such a lovely city.

I've been to Prague several times during my visit. I agree, it's a very beautiful city.  :nod:

Pictures of the network can be found on the site of the Czech highway agency - it has a nice English section as well.
Just click on this link:

That's cool stuff

Thanks! The map helps me get my head around the routes.  :-D I take it though that the greater part of the motorway network is still under construction? When i visited Praque not so long ago the route from the Airport to the city was still being built in parts. (Or renovation?)

I have a few photos of Czech roads myself in the eastern part of the country.


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