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Pan American Hwy Corridors Defined in the US - Dec 1946


Apologies if this has been presented somewhere on aaroads.  I did several searches and did not find this already out there.  AASHO passed a resolution of the Pan American Hwy and Alaskan Hwy corridors within the US.  There is a handwritten date of 12-14-46 on this document.  The convert to text thing on AASHO's database isn't terrific - this comes from SC CORRESPONDENCE 1940 file:

--- Quote ---A RESOLOTION TO SET UP OFFICIAL EXTENSIONS OF THIS PAN-AMERICAN AND ALASKA highways across and into ths united states by^ simply,hereby OFFICIALLY ADOPTING FOR GEEATER IMPR0VM3NT AS TIME AND FUNDS SHALL AliOW CERTAIN AGREED MORE OR LESS LONGITUDINAL TRUNKLINE ROUTES FORMING AN INTER-COUNTRY WESTERN HaOSPHimE SYSTE4i Whereas It is deemed that the official extension of the Pan-American and Alaska Highways across and Into the United States Wbttli contribute to the Amity, Solidarity, Peace and Security of the Western Hemisphere and be of Mutual Benefit to the States and Provinces crossed by such extension: Therefore BE IT RESOLVED by the American Association of State Highway Officials In annual session asse/imbled that. In order to set up the OFFICIAL Pan-American Highway(s) System across the United States, the affected States Jointly and severally officially adopt for greater Improvement as time and funds shall allow these routes:

The advocated direct-line route from US1 at Franklinton,N*C direct to Baton Rouge to connect Mexico 1 by Houston (and Galveston) finA Beevllle and Laredo;

US.l from Brunswlck,Malne, to Key West together with U.S.9 and U.S.2Ol oonnectlons to Quebec and (optional) side loop Wayoross by Tampa to Miami;

Optional for possible continuous single-number route marking Quebec-Laredo^ the existing route Franklinton,N.C.^ to Weldon and U.S. 301 to Baltimore, U.S 40 to New Castle, U.S.13 to Trenton;

 To Join the present Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek over shortest existing route by Edmonton and Saskatoon and Moose Jaw^ U*S 52 by Minot and Minneapolis and Dubuque to Indianapolis and thence by Frankfort and Danville and Mt Vernon to Knoxville, sylva. High Hampton; Anderson, McCormick to connect US. 1 at Augusta, Georgia;

 Laredo-Detrolt-Quebec along Interregional routes on or near U.S. 81 to Hillsboro, U.S.77 to Dallas, U.S. 75 to Denison, U.S. 69 to Commerce, U.S. 66 to near Joliet and thence over most direct interregional route to Detroit connecting shortest route to Quebec and side loop by Ottawa;

 From Commerce,Oklahoma, continue along U.S. 69 to Albert Lea and thence interregional route to Minneapolis;

 U.S. 83 Laredo to Minot so that one of the main Alaska-Mexlco links shall lie East of the mountains Just like the Alaska Highway yf^^located;

 From U.S. 83 at Childress, U.S. 287 to ^ Amarillo; U.S. 87 by Denver to Great Falls and U.S. 89 to connect by Calgary North;

 U.S. 99 or nearest Interregional route to connect Alaska Highway by Vancouver and Prince George and the new cut-off to Dawson Creek, and South connecting by Calexico end Nogales (by Phoenix and Tucson) with Pacific Highway in Mexico for Guadalajara to Join the Pan-American Highway at Mexico^ City.

Sec. 2. - The Executive Committee of the Amerlceoi Association of State Highway Officials may make changes &B.y annual meeting shortening the specified trunkline routes but is not to add any more alternates and the p<ffvtlons so out off are to be eliminated from the system.

Sec. 3.- Continuous single-number route markings are to be worked out for all possible main routes as soon as practicable.

Sec. 4.- The general Official name of said system Is hereafter to be the Pan-American Highway(s) System but specifically the Quebeo-Washlngton- Laredo (and Key West) routes may be called the Pan American Short-Way with exception that Key Largo South it Is to be the Pan-American Overseas Highway, and the Alaska-West Indies link to U.S. 1 at Augusta,Georgia, may be the Alaska Hi^way; provided no objections be raised
--- End quote ---

There was a Sec 5 which just said who got copies of this

I shat a brick the first time I saw this, but then I realized it was not actually approved by AASHO or anyone official. It was something the "Southern Short-Way Association", headed by Talladega department store owner Nesbitt Sullivan, submitted to AASHO. The organization wanted the states to build a direct highway from Baton Rouge to Hampton Roads, and tried (unsuccessfully) to tie it to the PAH. Correspondence (542).pdf (1947) has a map.

Correspondence (544).pdf (1948) includes the following:

--- Quote ---With regard to your recent, somewhat extended, correspondence with a fellow named Cotton of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce (which you obviously labored over to some degree to answer) may I suggest that in the future you can save yourself considerable trouble if you just ignore this guy.
He is nothing in the world so far as I can find out but an agitator with apparently nothing better to do in his job than to think up grandiose ideas for routing all the nation's highways through Fort Worth. I place him somewhat in the category of our friend Nesbitt Sullivan, of Talladaga, Alabama, and would not bother with him.
--- End quote ---


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