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OKC Road Meet officially set: 10/22/22

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J N Winkler:
I'm not going to be there, sorry to say--I had been thinking of going, and had been monitoring this thread, but discovered I had a conflict too late to bid for a different weekend.  So I send my best wishes for a successful meet to those who are attending.  The itinerary looks interesting!

It is to be a great day for a meet in the area. I say this as, coincidentally enough, I am in the nearby Wichita Mountains this weekend. If I had more time or had the means to head up to OKC I would have attended. While you all drive with Scott, I'll be driving up Mount Scott.

Enjoyed the road meet today. Weather turned out to be unseasonably warm with a decent southerly breeze helping a bit. Thanks to both Scott & Jeremy for your contributions in preparing the itinerary and hosting the meet. We also had Martin from Roadklahoma/Tulsa Roads fame join us for lunch and it was great to meet him in person after only knowing him via email conversations from 15 or so years ago.

Thanks to everyone who attended, it was a lot of fun!

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, Scott.
Good to catch up with Eric, Jeremy, and Brandon again.
It was neat to check out Oklahoma City.


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