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Date: December 19, 2022

Route: I-80 west, I-55 south, I-72 west/east, I-172 north, US 24 east, US 67 north, county roads, US 136 east, US 24 east, BUS US 24 east, US 24 east, I-55 north, I-80 east

New counties visited in Illinois: Adams, Brown, Schuyler, McDonough
New county visited in Missouri: Marion

Routes clinched: I-72, I-172, BUS US 24 (Washington)

Summary: Didn't have to make a 2nd trip to Louisville this month so I did day trip to hit a couple landmarks. Clinched I-72 and I-172 and in the process finished all interstate mileage in Illinois, my 3rd state after Indiana and Colorado. Also got the last four counties in ‎Illinois I was missing, making that my 2nd state 100% complete after Indiana.

Congrats on clinching all IL Interstates! Out of all of them, what was your favorite stretch?


--- Quote from: JoePCool14 on December 19, 2022, 04:57:02 PM ---Congrats on clinching all IL Interstates! Out of all of them, what was your favorite stretch?

--- End quote ---

I would have to say either I-24 or the far southern segment of I-57.

So this is an unfortunate report. Early on the morning of the 29th, I set out on one final clinching trip for the year, planning on picking off several Iowa counties as well as IL 5 in Rock Island and a nice chunk of US 34. I thought all the ice had melted on my driveway but I found the one patch that didn't. I broke my fall with my left arm, which knocked my humerus completely out of its socket and fractured it in two spots. It required surgery and a splint for 6 weeks and even then I might still need a shoulder replacement. Worst part is that I'm left handed, but in any case no driving for me for quite a while. Also having to type one handed so probably significantly less posting for a while too.

Whoa, crap!  Bad news indeed!

I pray recovery goes well for you.  As well as possible.


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