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Oddities that defy conventional wisdom - POPULATION edition

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--- Quote from: kirbykart on September 23, 2022, 02:45:32 PM ---There are over 20 metro areas just in the US with larger populations than the entire state of Wyoming. 

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There’s 99. (Which is over 20, so you’re not wrong  :-D.) Jackson, MS (587k) is the smallest that is still bigger than Wyoming.


--- Quote from: vdeane on September 23, 2022, 09:36:10 PM ---^ I suspect Wellsville is more of an outlier in its county than you think.  Allegany county is one of the most desolate parts of the entire state (especially if factoring out the Adirondacks).  Plus Olean is a bigger area than the population comparison to Wellsville suggests.  Olean actually has suburbs.

This map is interesting:

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Concur with this. The Town of Allegany (pop. 8004) in Cattaraugus County is basically a suburb of Olean, and it's more populous than anything in Allegany County. Cattaraugus County also has the city of Salamanca, which is itself similar in size to Wellsville. Then there's the difference in area, with Cattaraugus County being roughly 20% larger.

The city of Indianapolis is 1.6% more populous than the city of San Francisco.

The San Francisco MSA is 125.5% more populous than the Indianapolis MSA.

New Zealand entire country's population has the same amount of people that lives in the City of Los Angeles and Singapore respectively.

Canada has the same amount of people that lives in California and

Australia has the same amount of people that lives in Texas.

Fresno has more people than Sacramento for most populated city in the Central Valley of California.

However Sacramento Metro area has more people overall than Fresno. Note Sacramento Area may sometime include parts of Solano County, CA given that the Southwest corner of the Sacramento Valley and Delta regions go all the way to areas like Dixon and Rio Vista.

Also the State of Wyoming has the same amount of people as Sacramento and Fresno have.


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