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Garaging your vehicle

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Road Hog:
Largely my garage is where I do auto maintenance like rotating tires or changing brake pads. It's the only flat place I can park to do work safely.

I will park inside if there is a hail threat or a chance of wintry weather.

We currently have one parking spot in a three-car garage and we share the garage with two neighbors. 

In warmer months, it functions as a storage space for larger outdoor toys and accessories and, when I tried (and failed) to strip some painted wooden doors and stain them, a workshop.

In colder months, we park our car in the space, because hell if I'm digging our car out of the snow.

My two-car garage houses both cars, all of our camping gear (which is substantial), and various things like paint, yard maintenance tools, and a few bikes. My sister joked when I first bought my house that it would eventually be storage for all of our crap and not for the cars. I said I would rather not have a car than let than happen.

Road Hog:
When garaging your vehicle is not an option:

2 car attached garage here- had drywall on the floor covering half of it for 4 years until I sliced it up and tossed it.  Still some stuff that prevents a second vehicle from entering but I'm not concerned as I only have - and need - one vehicle.


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