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Texas is generally pretty good about signing concurrencies:: case in point-the US 69/US 96/US 287 triplex in and around Beaumont, or any of the I-10/US 90 multiplexes. Or the I-410/TX 16/TX 130 in San Antonio.

One notable exception is the complete lack of any acknowledgment that I-10 and US 90 are concurrent through Houston from the east loop until far west Katy. For some reason, there are no signs that youíre also on US 90.  Itís odd because in San Antonio, I-10 and US 90, and I-10 and US 87; as well as I-37 and US 281 are all very well signed, as are the numerous other concurrent routes in the San Antonio region. Even in Houston, I-69 and US 59 are signed concurrent, but then again the I-69 designation is new.
Oddly enough many of the signs actually are signed US 59/I-69

I-80 and I-90 are concurrent when entering OH from IN, so the milemarkers correspond to both.


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CO-9:  They're these things:

I couldn't find the thread about wrong way concurrencies, so I'm posting it here. QC 122 has a very short wrong way concurrency with QC 224, lasting only 300 feet:

QC 122 EB at QC 224 - 1 by Liliana Vess, on Flickr

QC 122 EB at QC 224 - 2 by Liliana Vess, on Flickr

(The concurrency on Google Maps)

WV normally uses the lowest-number highest-ranked route for inventory purposes, but there are a couple exceptions:
- During their multiplex, I-77 is considered the primary route over I-64.
- US 48 is never the inventory route when it is running concurrent with another US route, even though Corridor-style mile markers are present for Corridor H (US 48) throughout. This is the case for the US 33 concurrency between Weston and Elkins, which makes sense since US 33 is the lower number. When US 33 leaves, US 48 is very briefly the inventory route because it is not concurrent with anything else. Once US 219 rejoins at the other side of the interchange, US 219 becomes the inventory route despite its higher number. Here, US 33 and US 219 long predate the US 48 designation so DOH probably didn't bother redoing the inventory once US 48 came along.


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