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Roadtripping this summer (Toronto to Vancouver thru US)

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We are planning a roadtrip from Toronto to Vancouver, BC this summer and we are following the route:

1. Highway 401 west to Highway 402
2. Highway 402 to I-69 in Michigan
3. I-69 in michigan to I-94 
5. I-94 to I-90 in Montana
6. I-90 in Montana to I-5 in Seattle
7. I-5 in Seattle up to Vancouver

I know I will stay the first night in Chicago and the second night in Minneapolis but there seems to be pretty much nothing but flat land in between Minneapolis and Seattle. How many nights should be spend to drive between Minneapolis and Seattle? Are there any good sites in between?

Chicago to Minneapolis via I-94 is approximately a 6.5 hour trip. If that's all the ground you're covering in a day then it will take you at least three days to get from Minneapolis to Seattle.

That said, Minneapolis to Bismarck in a day should be pretty doable. The last time I drove it the speed limit was still 55 so I don't know exactly how long it would take these days. That's as far west as I've gone on 94 so I can't help you beyond that.

I can help you with hotel recommendations here in Minneapolis if you need that.

The speed limit is now 75 in ND/MT/ID and 70 in Washington. I think 65 in Minnesota but I'm not positive.

I'd only spend one night, crashing in Billings. That's two ~11 hour days, so its a haul, but there really isn't much to see along that trek. The prettiest part of that, western Montana and Idaho, you should hit during the day if you spend the night in Billings so you'll be able to see it during daylight hours.

MN is 70

WI and IL are 65 (for IL though, all of I-94 is either 45 (due to construction) or 55.)

Why are you going through the US? :-P
If you'd go through Canada you have to go through my hometown, which is about exactly north of Minneapolis. (So you might have to stay a night here)


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