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Ramp Stubs/Unused Highways in Washington

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Ramp stubs and unused highways were one of my original interests when it came to road-geeking. Ramp stubs come up randomly but I've not seen a thread dedicated to it.

Wikipedia used to have a page dedicated to ramp stubs/unused highways in Washington, but it was deleted. Fortunately, EverybodyWiki still has a copy.

This page is actually somewhat out of date, so I'm creating this thread to summarize what remains of this list, as well as newer stubs if any.

Additionally, I would love to list any stubs/unused highways that existed before that list was created.

I don't mean to make this into a formal list, so just list whatever you want in any format. But if this thread grows more than I think it might, I could create a more formal list at that point.

P.S. -- I originally intended to just ask this question in the "Unbuilt Highways" thread, but I figured it was too off-topic and had the potential to hijack that thread. So, I created this thread instead.

edit: spelling.

To begin, here's a stub ramp that was never mentioned:

* In Everett: there is a closed ramp from Marine View Dr leading to WA-529-Snohomish River Bridge. It seems to have closed in the early 2000s.

Here's one: a stub off the West Seattle bridge that was the offramp to S Spokane St until a new ramp replaced it around 10 years ago:,-122.3401155,135m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

If we were talking about the missing links between active highways and their former routings, I would have tons, just on Whidbey Island alone.  Alas, Washington doesn't seem to have many ghost ramps, at least not since the viaduct was demolished and the subs were removed in the arboretum, not like Oregon, where it seems every 3rd interchange contains at least one ghost ramp.

That being said, the ghost loops at I-5 and SR 512 are worth mentioning.

As does the ramps on SR 518 at SW 176th St in Seatac/Burien.  Every time I drive under that bridge, I expect it to fall, given how rickedy the scaffolding looks.

Also, the dead end of the SR-7 Freeway, which always seems a bit depressing when I think about it.

I would love to know more about the Whidbey Island examples. I've never paid much attention to the area.

I've realized that there is a thread for stub ramps. Probably best to put additional examples over there (as Bruce already has). There's just no way there's enough to have a single thread only for Washington.

I shall imagine that unused highways are also permitted.


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