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 on: Today at 05:56:25 AM 
Started by MarkF - Last post by Scott5114
I wonder if the transition to exit tabs will mean that we'll start seeing old 1960s layouts coming back again (since there will be no need to rearrange the text to accommodate the exit number inset).

 on: Today at 04:36:58 AM 
Started by hbelkins - Last post by Bruce
According to GasBuddy, there's a ton of stations under $3.60 out there.

 on: Today at 04:28:56 AM 
Started by Roadgeekteen - Last post by Scott5114
It's somewhat satisfying when you know you're pissing them off by driving under the limit. I was in Bonanza, Arkansas, yesterday, and there was a very obviously posted cop with his windows rolled down along AR-45. I went by at around 25 mph since that's what the "downtown small town" speed limit in Oklahoma tends to be—turns out the limit there was 40, which explained the exasperated expression on his face and the "hurry it up" hand gesture he did.

 on: Today at 04:20:34 AM 
Started by bwana39 - Last post by Anthony_JK
Quote from: seicer
Is the existing bridge in that bad of condition that it needs replacement?

Bridges like that have only so long a life span. The Atchafalaya Basin bridges opened in 1973, almost 50 years ago. I strongly doubt if those bridges are going to last another 50 years.

It's also worth mentioning I-10 is being widened from the I-49 interchange to the Atchafalaya Basin bridges.

Maybe not 50 years, but if the inspection reports are true, the viaducts do still have a ways to go before they need to be replaced.

Remember that it took a 25+ foot storm surge from Hurricane Katrina to topple the I-10 span across Lake Ponchatrain near Slidell, which prompted its immediate replacement with the greatly improved model.

When the time does come to replace it, they should do what they did for the I-10 span: build an entirely new and widened viaduct just to the south of the existing one (3 lanes in either direction, with Interstate-grade shoulders on both sides and "crossunders" for emergencies) with new structures for the Whiskey Bay and main Atchafalaya River channel high-rises. Retain portions of the existing viaduct as piers for fishermen and tourists wanting to soak up the environment. Upgrading the Butte la Rose rest area would be a good thing, too.

 on: Today at 02:49:18 AM 
Started by Techknow - Last post by TheStranger
I-5 and I-10 may not be officially defined as a concurrency, but functionally it is one, as otherwise I-10 would be discontinuous. There may be other CA examples that I'm forgetting right now.

For that matter, 5 and 10 each have TOTSO moments through East Los Angeles.  The northern junction is the more obvious one (I-10 leaves the San Bernardino Freeway westbound to follow the Golden State Freeway in order to reach the Santa Monica Freeway, while the short segment of the San Bernardino (former US 60/70/99) leading to the San Bernardino Split interchange with US 101 is part of California's definition of "Route 10" but not I-10).

The main portion of the East Los Angeles Interchange has I-5 performing a TOTSO off the Santa Ana Freeway (which continues northwest as the route's original designation of US 101) to switch over to the Golden State Freeway.


Thought of a TOTSO situation that involves a concurrency and also was exacerbated by external situations:

In Daly City, there's a short concurrency of I-280 and Route 1 between John Daly Boulevard (near the SF city limit) and the Serramonte Shopping Center.

The section of 1 between Pacifica and the northern 280/1 junction exists in part due to a 1956 earthquake that damaged a coastline segment along Thornton Beach, which led to the modern freeway routing from Pacifica to Serramonte.  Today, 1 TOTSO's off 280 south.

Meanwhile, prior to 1968, I-280 was planned to continue north along the existing Route 1 freeway (mostly known as Junipero Serra Boulevard) from John Daly to Font Boulevard in San Francisco, then north parallel to 1 via Junipero Serra, 7th Avenue, and then (after cutting through Golden Gate park and interchanging with the planned Western Freeway part of I-80) rejoining today's 1 along Park Presidio.   Due to the freeway revolts, this was shelved past Font permanently.

The 1968 rerouting thus created a TOTSO - 280 now goes off from the Junipero Serra Freeway and onto the Southern Freeway before entering SF, while 1 continues north to head towards Font and then to 19th Avenue.  This has the interesting effect that drivers taking 1 from SF to Pacifica and drivers using 280 from Daly City to SF all have to merge to the other side of the road for their respective TOTSO at some point.


A TOTSO saga involving a multi-concurrency in Sacramento:

1968-1982: I-80 east and west had to turn off to stay on at the Oak Park Interchange with US 50, as did Route 99 northbound.

1983-2016: Business I-80 established as a concurrency with an extended US 50.  Along US 50 east in Oak Park, Business 80 turned off to go eastbound with Route 99 turning off to go southbound.

2017-present: Business 80 cut back to end at Route 99 and US 50.

The numbered route 99 (whether US 99E or state Route 99) originally did not have a TOTSO at this spot (as 99E continued along with I-80 all the way to Roseville in the mid-1960s) but with the changeover to state route, 99 has since had to switch in an L-shaped pathway between two other freeways (today's 50 and 5) since then.

50 actually went from having a TOTSO setup in the 1960s (following 99 to today's N Street exit off Business 80) but now continues directly west on the mainline carriageway to West Sacramento (which used to be all I-80).

 on: Today at 02:38:26 AM 
Started by Amtrakprod - Last post by Amtrakprod

Portland uses yellow bicycle signals !


 on: Today at 02:15:23 AM 
Started by bandit957 - Last post by dlsterner
Anyone remember an Elton John song that they played some on the radio but apparently wasn't released a single? I think it was from the mid-'70s. I have no idea what it was called.

As I recall there were a bunch of them.  Can think of about a half dozen right off the bat.  Recall any clues, like a lyric snippet, whether fast or slow, etc?

 on: Today at 02:04:16 AM 
Started by Plutonic Panda - Last post by Roadgeekteen
Were there ever any plans to make the Florida's Turnpike into an interstate?

 on: Today at 01:42:44 AM 
Started by Plutonic Panda - Last post by Avalanchez71
Those toll gantries are eye sores. 

 on: Today at 01:39:26 AM 
Started by seicer - Last post by 18 wheel warrior
Now that the turnpike widening project through Beckley is (apparently) complete, why hasn't the speed limit been increased back to 70mph? I drive a truck pulling shipping containers out of Norfolk through there frequently and am puzzled as to what's the deal here. 

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