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--- Quote from: Mr. Matté on August 12, 2022, 08:20:37 PM ---Old film from the 1950s of the US 22 Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge, the then-brief stretch of expressway on the west side, and the original approach and toll booth on the NJ side:
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Ugh.  Even in the 1980s, traffic was horrible through there. 


--- Quote from: 74/171FAN on August 10, 2022, 06:10:40 PM ---
--- Quote from: MASTERNC on August 10, 2022, 05:27:41 PM ---Anyone know if there is a place where traffic signal improvement plans might be posted? My township just got a grant to update signals near me and I wanted to find out more details on what they’re doing. Not sure if this type of project is posted in ECMS.

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I think the ones more focused on state roads are, but probably not if it is generally township roads having signal upgrades.

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If it is a township project, then the plans would be accessible from the township because they need to be put out to bid.

(For US 322 BUS (State College)) PennDOT - District 2 News: Work on Atherton Street Project to Resume August 22

PennDOT - District 1 News: PennDOT Announces Updated Plans Available for Valley Road Bridge Replacement Project in Jefferson Township, Mercer County

PennDOT - District 1 News: Work Expected to Start Next Week to Remove the South Perry Street Bridge in the City of Titusville, Crawford County

So I found plans this morning on the CE Expert System to widen Centerville Rd (SR 4057 at the US 30 bridge, but otherwise a township road) between PA 462 and PA 23.

--- Quote ---The proposed project involves the reconstruction of the S.R. 4057 (U.S. 30/T-408 Centerville Road) Interchange in East Hempfield and Manor Townships, Lancaster County, including; ramp intersection reconfiguration, improvements to acceleration and deceleration lanes along U.S. 30, and replacement of the structure carrying Centerville Road over U.S. 30. The structure replacement will provide a bridge with an increased clearance to meet design criteria.
Additionally, the project involves the widening of T-408 (Centerville Road) to add thru lanes and a continuous center left turn lane from just south of PA 462 (Columbia Avenue) to just north of PA 23 (Marietta Avenue) in East Hempfield and Manor Townships. PA 23 (Marietta Avenue) will be widened, adding an additional westbound lane from Stony Battery Road to just east of T-408 (Centerville Road). The project will also include upgrades to traffic signals, pedestrian access, stormwater management systems, and guide rail, as necessary.
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(For PA 321) PennDOT - District 2 News: Southbound Detour for Route 321 Has Been Lifted

(For PA 208)  PennDOT - District 1 News: PennDOT Announces Virtual Plans Display for Route 208 Bridge Replacement Project in Clintonville, Venango County

PennDOT - District 6 News: PennDOT Reopens Flint Hill Road Following Sinkhole Repair in Upper Merion Township

(For PA 504/US 220 ALT (Milesburg))  PennDOT - District 2 News: Traffic Delays Expected as Contractor Places Box Culvert

(For US 322)  PennDOT - District 2 News: Milling/Paving to Start This Week on Route 322 Project near Philipsburg

(For PA 5) PennDOT - District 1 News: Restriction Posted on Route 5 in Erie County

PennDOT - District 8 News: Weekend Work Scheduled on SB I-83 John Harris Memorial (South) Bridge

(I-83 at PA 74)  PennDOT - District 8 News: Nighttime Lane Restrictions Scheduled on I-83 at Route 74 (Queen Street) Bridge in York County


--- Quote from: 74/171FAN on August 15, 2022, 12:13:41 PM ---(For US 322 BUS (State College)) PennDOT - District 2 News: Work on Atherton Street Project to Resume August 22

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Just in time for move-in weekends at Penn State for the fall semester . . .


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