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On Friday, NJDOT awarded the 1st of 4 main contracts for reconstructing the mega I-295/I-76/Route 42 interchange.

The contract cost is $159 million, which is about $16 million below estimate.  The construction time for the contract is about 2 years.

Basically, this portion of the project will eliminate the express/local lane configuration on 76 West, replace some of the outlying overpasses (Creek Rd over 42, Bell Rd over 295, 295 over Essex Ave), construct a new ramp for 295 North to 76 West (which will double as the mainline for 295 Northbound for several years), construct a temporary ramp for 42 North to 295 North (which merges into the above mentioned ramp) and construct portions of other ramps, work which will be completed in future contracts.  Several new overhead signs are part of the contract as well.

A separate project to install several VMS signs, cameras, replace and coordinate traffic signals on alternative routes (US 130, NJ 168) which figure to be heavily used by people avoiding the construction is underway now (those routes are already at capacity and are not being widened, so they're limited on what can be done).  Other projects in the construction phase that are unrelated to the Direct Connection project but are getting done now to assist with traffic flow include is replacing the bridge deck on 168 over 295, and widening the intersection on Beningo Blvd at 168 (the 1st traffic light coming off Exit 3 of the NJ Turnpike).

For me personally, this project is exciting because it's only a few miles from where I live, and an interchange I travel thru to/from work each day.

This could make for a future road meet! :-)

jp the roadgeek:
Once this is complete, maybe they'll finally extend 76 onto the ACEX.


--- Quote from: jp the roadgeek on January 24, 2013, 09:55:53 AM ---Once this is complete, maybe they'll finally extend 76 onto the ACEX.

--- End quote ---
Doubt it.  They could do that this minute if they wanted.  And any upgrades to 42 that are needed aren't part of this project. 

They are looking at putting either a rail line down Rt. 42, more likely express bus service, and both would require improvements and widening to 42.  But as giving it Interstate status: it's not in anyone's future plans.


--- Quote from: jpi on January 23, 2013, 10:17:40 PM ---This could make for a future road meet! :-)

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You might want to wait a few years.  The main thing to see in my eyes will be the new I-295 mainline bridge.  That doesn't start until contract #3 which starts in mid 2016.  This is a loong project.  It's the coolest project to hit south jersey since the completion of the northern half of NJ 55. 

Brian P


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