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Alternative to Overhauling GDOT

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The 2009 official state highway map is out and much to my surprise a Business Loop Interstate 95 shield appears near Darien! None of the BL-75's (what is left of them) appear either.

For those who have never driven the Darien business loop, there is only one actual shield along the route, and none at the interchange end points outside those on the I-95 mainline guide signs.

Some Interstate 85 rest stops now closed

The Georgia Department of Transportation has closed Interstate 85 rest areas off the northbound lanes in Franklin County and southbound lanes in Gwinnett County.

DOT District Engineer Russell McMurry has said that many factors go into the deciding to close rest areas.

“Criminal activity is rising at these locations. Safety is definitely a factor in this decision. Private development along the interstate now provides the services offered by rest areas," he said.

McMurry also said the condition of the rest areas “has deteriorated and the cost to maintain them is high."

Message boards are alerting motorists that the rest areas are closed. Also, barricades are in place to prevent entry into the areas.

I am not a big fan of the new signs going up, i.e.  one just south of the Kennedy Interchange at Cumberland Blvd.  Give me the old Georgia font, not the new font.

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--- Quote from: pippin2424 on February 10, 2009, 12:29:34 AM ---The biggest plan right now for an outer  highway is between 75 and 85 in the north to follow  GA route 20 from Buford to Cartersville...still a long way off and probably will not be a full fledged freeway.

--- End quote ---

The northern arc, right? But didn't that get shot down? I remember Governor Roy Barnes was pushing hard for it and it may've contributed to his defeat in 2002.

The outer loop that's been referenced a few times was proposed as early as the 1960, IIRC.


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