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Author Topic: New toll bridge in Vancouver closed Wednesday afternoon as ice falls on roadway  (Read 3312 times)


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TOLLROADSnews: New toll bridge in Vancouver closed Wednesday afternoon as dangerous ice chunks fall on cars

Vancouver's splendid new Port Mann toll bridge had to be closed Wednesday for about four hours with chunks of ice falling to the roadway deck denting the metalwork of cars and shattering a number of windshields. One person was reported knocked unconscious. A few cars were disabled.

Police closed the bridge when multiple tow trucks and an ambulance was needed. 60 motorists were reported to have filed compensation claims with the state bridge company.
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A state bridge company in Canada?
I demand an apology.


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pre-1945 Florida route log

I accept and respect your identity as long as it's not dumb shit like "identifying as a vaccinated attack helicopter".

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As NE2 said, please see other thread.


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