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Author Topic: Ohio  (Read 226127 times)

Hot Rod Hootenanny

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Re: Ohio
« Reply #1150 on: September 21, 2023, 11:45:55 AM »

I don't mind the way they did that Easton mass


It makes sense except for cutting the main line down to two lanes. But ODOT has a fetish for doing that. I can't stand when they do that. They cause more bottlenecks with that way of doing things than anything else. The curves are definitely too sharp, but the rest of it I think was well thought out.

What does Easton, Massachusetts have to do with this thread or ODOT?

Keep your Massachusetts out of our Oregon.
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Re: Ohio
« Reply #1151 on: September 23, 2023, 08:38:07 AM »

Bridge built on land and then floated into place.

Nice. I drove past that (on the Ohio side) a couple or so years ago when it was being built and thought that was an interesting concept.


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Re: Ohio
« Reply #1152 on: September 25, 2023, 02:21:42 PM »

- I'll have to post photos in the next few days, but the Wellsburg Bridge looks awful. The bottom half of the bridge is a nice deep brown color but the upper half is a light brown with splotches of dark brown patches.

- While flying over the Blennerhassett Island Bridge (US 50) between Ohio and Parkersburg, WV, Thursday evening, I spied a significant fuel slick and was able to trace out its origin. I called the Ohio EPA's emergency line and got a reply within minutes. I sent them my images and they were able to get a crew out there the next day. I also gave the company who owned the dock a heads up and they were indifferent to the spill and told me to call back the next day. They didn't seem too thrilled when I did call back the next day, saying I should have notified them first.

- The Memorial Bridge in Parkersburg looks very nice now that the rehab work has wrapped up. It's now pay-by-plate or EZ-Pass; no toll booths remain.
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