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Victims of the fatal crash last summer possibly sueing the MDTA saying that the bridge isn't up to contemporary standards  Sounds like another ridiculous lawsuit to me :-/

Imagine what a victory for the plaintiff would portend.  If every road had to be brought up to exact modern standards, we would be out trillions.  Not to mention, what are standards exactly?  The only standards out there are for Interstates, and this one ends shy of the bridge in Annapolis.  Clearly baseless.

This guy = fail.

I don't think standards are the issue, if the bolts were deteriorated (and the DOT knew) then there is an argument regardless of what year the bridge was built.

But, I'm less likely to believe there being particular bolts there is going to stop a vehicle upwards of 80,000 pounds going 40-50mph from smashing through and hurtling to his death.


Film explores history of Chesapeake Bay Bridge


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