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US Route 2 between mileposts 163 and 170 has reopened, about a week ahead of schedule, following an emergency closure due to a washout:

Washington State Route 902 and sections of Washington State Route 904 and Interstate 90 are closed in Spokane County due to the fast-moving Gray Fire. Interstate 90 westbound is closed at the US Route 2 interchange (Exit 279) and Interstate 90 eastbound is closed at the Washington State Route 904 interchange (Exit 257). The entire city of Medical Lake has been evacuated.

More information here, with photos:

--- Quote from: WSDOT ---UPDATE 9:17 p.m. Sunday: At midnight this evening, the closure points for I-90 around the Gray Fire will move to utilize SR 904 through Cheney as the detour for both directions. I-90 will remain closed between Tyler and Four Lakes and SR 902. Until midnight, US 2 and other alternate routes will need to be used if you plan to travel between Spokane and Sprague. Any commercial vehicle with oversized load permits for I-90 are NOT permitted to use the detour route unless previous permit was approved for SR 904.

Fire activity and hazardous trees in the area continue to create unsafe conditions along I-90 within the closure points. Efforts to remove the hazards will continue to be able to safely open the highway.

UPDATE 1:09 p.m. Sunday: We're seeing SIGNIFICANT delays on westbound US 2 near Davenport as people detour around the I-90 closure. Please be patient and be safe. Everyone wants to get where they're going safely.

UPDATE 11:57 a.m. Sunday: Thorpe Road at US 195 in Spokane is now closed due to a fire.

UPDATE 10:09 a.m. Sunday: It's not just that the fire remains active near the roads, it's that burned trees are also falling on and near the roads. Just posted a picture of that in the comments here. Please continue to follow the detour routes and never go around road closures.

UPDATE 8:47 a.m. Sunday: No significant updates as far as closures. I-90, SR 902 and SR 904 all remain CLOSED as fire continues to burn near the roads. I-90 is closed between Sprague and US 2, mileposts 245-277. SR 904 is closed at the I-90 interchange (milepost 257) toward Cheney and is only open from Cheney to eastbound I-90 (milepost 270).

Semi trucks can detour from eastbound I-90 by using SR 23 east to US 195 or SR 23 to SR 28 and US 2. Semis going westbound can use US 2 west to Davenport to SR 28 and SR 23 back to I-90. South SR 231 is only open to local traffic.

Passenger vehicles detouring from eastbound I-90 can use SR 23 to SR 231 and US 2 or SR 23 to SR 28 and US 2, or SR 23 to US 195. For westbound I-90, use US 2 west to SR 28 in Davenport to SR 23 back to I-90.

UPDATE 2:27 p.m. Saturday: I-90 is now closed in both directions from Sprague at milepost 245 to US 2 at milepost 277. The eastbound detour is SR 23 to SR 231 to US 2; SR 23 to US 195; or SR 23 to SR 28 and US 2. Expect SIGNIFICANT delays. The westbound detour remains US 2 to SR 231 to SR 23 to I-90. Semi-truck traffic is asked to avoid SR 231 southbound and continue on US 2 to Davenport and use SR 28 to SR 23.

UPDATE 9:13 a.m. Saturday: SR 904 from Cheney to I-90/Four Lakes has reopened. Eastbound I-90 detour is currently to utilize all of SR 904.

UPDATE 7:13 a.m. Saturday: There are no significant updates this morning. I-90 remains closed between the Tyler interchange and the US 2 interchange, mileposts 257-277. SR 902 is completely closed and SR 904 is closed between Cheney-Spokane Road and I-90. Westbound drivers can detour through Rearden to SR 231 south to Sprague. Eastbound detours via SR 904 to Cheney-Spokane Road and US 195.

UPDATE 7:36 p.m.: SR 904 between Cheney at milepost 12 up to I-90 at Four Lakes is now CLOSED. Drivers are being detoured onto Cheney-Spokane Road to US 195. This includes the already detoured drivers from I-90 onto SR 904 into Cheney.

UPDATE 6 p.m.: To clarify, westbound I-90 is CLOSED at the US 2 interchange in Spokane. No signed detour is available. Avoid I-90/Medical Lake and SR 902 at this time due to the wildfire. Eastbound I-90 is CLOSED at the Tyler/SR 904 interchange. Detour available via SR 904 through Cheney.

UPDATE 5:44 p.m.: Westbound I-90 is now closed at the US 2 interchange in Spokane. Eastbound is closed at the Tyler interchange. We are advising people who can to use US 2 and avoid I-90.

UPDATE 5:20 p.m. Friday: Crews are in the process of CLOSING I-90 at milepost 257/Salnave Road and milepost 270 at Four Lakes as the fire has jumped the highway. Drivers will need to detour using SR 904 at this time. There is no ETA to reopen the roadway. Please avoid the area if you can.

ORIGINAL POST: Heads up: SR 902 is FULLY CLOSED due to a fast-moving fire. The town of Medical Lake is being evacuated - those evacuating may use the highway but there is no access INTO Medical Lake. Smoke is also impacting visibility on I-90 causing drivers to slow between mileposts 264 and 270, about 10 miles west of Spokane. Please avoid the area and if you are traveling nearby please be prepared for other possible closures. We will update when we have more information.
--- End quote ---

EDIT #1 on August 20 at 1:06 PM: Updated with updates.
EDIT #2 on August 21 at 2:38 AM: Updated with updates.

I deleted my previous post from yesterday and will just update my original post regarding the fire when there are updates to avoid bloat.

Never heard about this when it happened. The 11th Street Viaduct in Tacoma was demolished last summer. It contained the last visible remnants of Tacoma's original streetcar network. The rails were filled in with concrete but remained visible until it was demolished:

In terms of non-rehabilitated bridges in Tacoma, it was either the second or third oldest, behind the remaining portions of the Eells Street Bridge and potentially tied with the Lincoln Avenue Bridge. The lift-portion of the crossing, over the Puyallup River, was replaced in the 1970s with a fixed-span structure, with the roadway surface and western approach replaced during this time frame. This left the viaduct as the only untouched portion of the crossing, and thus the only remaining stretch with the visible streetcar tracks.

Google Maps link:

I have photos of my own somewhere, but it'll be a while before I track them down. In the mean time, here is a street view image:

11th Street Viaduct by Jacob Root, on Flickr

The viaduct was quickly demolished early last summer (2022) under an emergency order due to falling debris from the underside of the viaduct, primarily bits of concrete. It had been closed to cars for almost ten years due to the poor structural state of the viaduct.

Here is a news story on it:


Does anyone know what WSDOT is doing here?

This is on Interstate 82 westbound, just past milepost 33. Looking at Google Maps, the sign has been there since at least October 2018, but it's possible it's been there a little longer. There are no captures for 2014–2017, but it's not there in the August 2013 capture. I haven't seen any kind of changes, though, since the sign's installation.

I do know that farther up at Exit 31 westbound, currently the ramp to North 1st Street is closed, and you are only able to take the ramp to US Route 12 westbound, where it splits from the concurrency. I don't know if that has anything to do with what the sign is talking about, though.


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