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West Seattle Bridge and Spokane Viaduct

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Max Rockatansky:
I used the Spokane Viaduct while returning southbound towards Seatac this morning.  Afforded some decent pictures of the West Seattle Bridge from below:

Ended up with some decent distance shots near Hamilton Viewpoint:

Max Rockatansky:
Updated my album with a blog post.  I think that I documented all the historical Spokane Street crossings:

I figure we should be using this thread for West Seattle Bridge news.

Seattle recently issued a bid for design a new West Seattle Bridge, with a potential 10-year contract. There is also a 31-member task force that will explore options, including a shallow tunnel, gondola, and anything other than rebuilding the same flawed design.

My vote's for the vehicle trebuchet.

Oh wait. I'm told that would very impractical...

What is actually flawed in the design? This bridge type is commonly used across the world in any type of terrain and environment. Or was there a construction deficiency? There's also speculation about the possibility of earthquake damage.


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