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Virginia cutout havens still remaining?

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A comment by CPZ on another thread, about never having been to Bluefield, and my reply that the quirky signage is worthy of the trip, made me wonder where the largest remaining treasure troves of cutouts are.

There were still a sizeable number left in Tazewell and Norton the last time I was in those places. It's been several years, but Covington and Clifton Forge both had quite a collection when I was last there.

Bristol, Abingdon, Harrisonburg, and Winchester have seen their numbers eliminated or drastically reduced to nearly nothing. Bluefield was once home to dozens, as well, but there was only one set of US 19/US 460 cutouts, and only one traditional VA 102 cutout that I remembered seeing, when I was there about four years ago.

As of last June, there were still some (I emphasize "some") in Falls Church at the intersection of US-29 and VA-7. I'm not sure I've been through there since to say whether they're still there. As of earlier this winter, the two US-1 cutouts in Old Town Alexandria were still there as well. Neither is what I would consider a "large" set except in comparison to surrounding jurisdictions where there aren't any. The VA-338 cutout in Falls Church disappeared a few years ago.

(In a similar vein, the nice older-style I-95 shield seen in this Street View image was just replaced within the last week or two with something hideous with a weird-looking "9." I'll try to get a picture the next time I pass it, maybe this coming weekend.)

Christiansburg is down to just 1 cutout (Dec 2019)
Gordonsville still has 1 set (Dec 2019)
VA 251 cutout at US 11 still there (Dec 2019)

Culpeper no longer has any

There is still one on US 33 btw Harrisonburg and Elkton
Richmond only has a couple left

Galax might still have a handful
Hillsville did last time I was there a couple years ago

Winchester only has a couple at most.

Haven't been to downtown Staunton lately but I know they were starting to replace theirs.

There used to be two on northbound Patrick St (US 1) in Old Town Alexandria.  Are they still there?


--- Quote from: froggie on February 18, 2020, 04:34:02 PM ---There used to be two on northbound Patrick St (US 1) in Old Town Alexandria.  Are they still there?

--- End quote ---

They were as of earlier this winter. I haven’t been through there in a few weeks to confirm they’re still there today.


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