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For this upcoming weekend's Webinar presentation, we'll be taking a look at the freeway system in and around El Paso, TX, one of the more interesting urban centers in the Mountain West region. Coverage will begin on Saturday (4/4) at 6 PM ET.

We had a great crowd with a lot of awesome contributors for our Las Vegas Webinar presentation from last weekend and we hope to have an even stronger crowd this weekend. We hope to see you there!


A lot of $$$ invested in recent years, and a lot of mistakes, also.   

Will there be an overview afterward. I cannot make that time but am very interested in El Paso info.

We save all of these presentations for posterity, so if you're unable to catch portions of it "live", you'll be able to watch the balance of it once it's been processed on YouTube.

Our next installment in the *weekly* live broadcast over on 'roadwaywiz' will be this double-header Virtual Tour presentation, where we dissect and enjoy a full-length trip along the belt highways encircling both El Paso, TX and Las Vegas, NV in real time, complete with commentary and contributions from admins/moderators/members of this forum.

The event will kick off on Saturday (4/11) at 6 PM ET and we look forward to seeing you there!



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