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Addresses in New England - what's the highest you've seen? Any 5-digit ones?

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There's an organic (numbered from start of the road) 3747 Hebron Ave. (CT 94) in Glastonbury, CT. This is about 8.2 miles from the zero point. If the road had developed properties out to the town line, addresses might hit 3900.

More contrived: 28334 Town Walk Dr, Hamden, CT

--- Quote from: Streetman on August 19, 2023, 02:57:00 PM ---A road looping through a large apartment complex in my town has an unusual numbering system that assigns a unique house number to each apartment. The first one or two digits indicate the building number; the next, hundreds, digit, one of up to four entrances to that building; the tens digit, the floor; and the final digit, the apartment on that floor. The highest number on this street, less than a mile long, is 28334. This is a huge house number in New England, where grid address systems are almost nonexistent. Does this system exist anywhere else?,+Hamden,+CT+06518/@41.3931561,-72.9140772,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e7da9014e50103:0xf9332231938e547c!8m2!3d41.3931561!4d-72.9115023!5m1!1e1?entry=ttu

--- End quote ---

Highest address in the county where I reside (Montgomery County, Maryland) is
probably on MD-27, 29278 RIDGE RD.  This is near the northern tip of the county. 
It has a mailing address in Mount Airy, which is in Frederick County or Carroll
County but a few homes near here have a Mount Airy mailing address.

Northborough, MA has a small area of shops on Shops Way (Northborough Crossing) that have address numbers in the 10000s (example:  MOOYAH is located at 10010-A Shops Way).  Most of these shops have commas in their address numbers.

Can we get a definitive answer to the highest address number in New England, ruling out contrived systems like the one in the previous post and the one I found, quoted two posts before that? Based on the original post, I found 7987 US 7, Pownal, VT. Can anyone top that?,-73.2131676,19z?entry=ttu


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