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Tapatalk On the Fritz...Again

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--- Quote from: Rothman on April 04, 2023, 05:26:19 PM ---Hm.  For some reason, I can post in some threads but not others on Tapatalk (like this one).  On the website, everything's fine.

--- End quote ---
I noticed that too.

I have issue with Tapatalk on my phone lately as well. It often doesn’t load the boards in the forum view unless I remove and re-add AARoads, But it will show recent and subscribed threads in that view. It started happening a couple months ago, so might be related to the upgrade mentioned above.

I’ve come to prefer Tapatalk on my phone since the board and buttons are a bit small and clunky on my (admittedly older model Android) phone and normal web browser. But I’ll use a regular browser when accessing the forum from tablet and desktop.


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