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I-380 - I-238 connector to be studied yet again

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Revive 755:

I'd like to see I-380 reach across the Bay to connect to I-580 and I-980 to be extended northeast to I-680, replacing CA-24.

The only problem is that I-380 would have to make the widest crossing of the Bay.

Would this finally put an end to I-238?

Revive 755:
^ Nah, I-238 would probably grow longer and take over I-380    :spin:


--- Quote from: Scott5114 on November 20, 2010, 11:55:42 PM ---Would this finally put an end to I-238?

--- End quote ---
I would hope so. The only reason I-238 was commissioned in the first place was because there were no x80 numbers available in 1983. Should I-380 connect to I-238, it's only logical to have I-380 continue eastward to I-580.

The other pipe dream of mine is to have I-980 completely replace CA-24, which is basically Interstate standard freeway, anyway.


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