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US50 shoe tree destroyed by vandals


The Lahontan Valley News of Fallon reports that the infamous shoe tree along U.S. 50 was chopped down last week by unknown vandals.

--- Quote ---The 70-foot cottonwood tree known as the “Shoe Tree”  one mile east of Middlegate was cut down sometime late Thursday night or early Friday morning.

“There are a lot of angry people,”  said Middlegate bartender Travis Anderton describing the reaction from his customers. “That (the tree) helps out business. People come out to see the Shoe Tree.”
--- End quote ---

If the vandal is caught what is the likely punishment? Over here it's likely to be a caution or a couple of hours community service. If what I hear on TV is true over there it's more like 30 years behind bars.

wow - did I get the last photo of it when I was there on the 25th??

This actually made the 11 O'clock news on KTVN-TV2 (CBS affiliate) in Reno a couple days ago...

While it's certainly no consolation, shoe tree no longer a novelty.  There are at least 3 within 50 miles of where I live,  one is right downtown.....has been going at least 30 years now.  I do realize the US 50 tree has been there a LONG time.  Damn shame what people do to get the attention they apparently don't get at home.


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