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Interstate Trav:
Since this is my favorite freeway next to the 15 Mojave Freeway, I thought it would be nice to have a thread about it.

Are there any widening projects  going on anywhere on the freeway?  Opinions of the freeway.  Ect.

It needs to be widened, it has way too much traffic these days. I also still wish it was U.S. 6.

that long 6/395 multiplex is difficult to justify.  Especially given that 6 is nominally east-west.  The most sensible way to extend US-6 to the west coast is via CA-120 to I-580 to the Bay Area.

I'd just rather CA-14 be used for an actual west-east route.


--- Quote from: Quillz on March 02, 2011, 02:44:50 AM ---I'd just rather CA-14 be used for an actual west-east route.

--- End quote ---

I think at one point it was planned to be a long extension going west from where it currently ends, which is why they gave it the east-west route number.  it still would've been quite L-shaped though... so giving it the north-south would've made sense too.  It could've been CA-37 or something.  (Recall: at the time, the northern route that now has that number was CA-48.  And besides, they totally gave up on the north-south parity distinction when assigning 35 to a Norcal route, so having 37 be a Socal wouldn't be an unprecedented violation.)


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