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Old Sign on the 5 North at the 14 Junction in Newhall


Interstate Trav:
I remember when I was younger a sign in the middle of the freeway when approaching the 14 on the 5 northbound a sign that said "14 North Antelope Valley Freeway Mojave next Right".  I was wondering, if anybody else remembers this, or might have a picture of it.   

I remember it...I'm thinking it might have been on what's now the truck lanes? In any case, with the construction through there it seems to have been removed.

Interstate Trav:
I actually printed a picture of it a long time I ago I think from aaroads, but the printer was not a very detailed one.  You can barely see it.

If I remember right it was like this

           14 North
Antelope Valley Freeway
          Next Right

I think it was on the  main line of the 5, but i'm not 100%.  Do you think that Caltrans would replace it? 


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