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NY 17/"I-86"

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Eh. I say kill the NY 17 designation entirely and make the remaining surface bit an extension of NY 32 (also include the piece of NY 59 west of US 202 in this). Better than having the designation randomly change at I-86, and ever since I-287 was finished it became kinda disconnected from NJ 17, so that continuity is no longer a concern.

The road around Hillburn between exit 15A and the one-way access to 287 can then become an unsigned reference route.


--- Quote from: Steve on October 28, 2011, 07:12:44 PM ---I would also support returning 17 to its former routing across the state. Take it up 17M, put it on 434, 417, anywhere at all that there's a former routing still under state maintenance, and then route it on I-86 otherwise. I think you get enough mileage off the Interstate to make that viable, and I'm all for consolidating designations.

--- End quote ---

Don't need to limit it to state maintenance. NYSDOT routinely signs touring routes over county highways and municipal streets (rarely, even on town highways). That would cover the Delaware and Sullivan County portions as well.

A more viable option than reverting NY 17 as a state route would be for some independent organization to organize it as a historic route, just like US 66. I had the idea once to submit a proposal for inclusion in the NYS Scenic Byways program, but realized pretty quickly that I didn't have the wherewithal to accomplish that. :-)

There's a state bike route 17 marked along old alignments. So even if NY 17 disappears, that will still be followable.

NY 17 in Parksville: //

I'd imagine New Yorkers feel about NY-17 what Californians felt about US-99. It will be a shame to see it go, given it was one of New York's most important highways for much of the 20th century.

I don't think all interstate-standard freeway necessarily has to be signed with the Interstate shield. Given how long NY-17 has been around, I would have just kept it signed as that.


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