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Hwy 49 Jungo road

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x railroader:
Hello all

Anybody ever used this road between Winnemucca Nv and

Gerlach Nv??

Wondering if it is dirt or paved????

Thank you

Well this is what the AARoads Nevada state log writes about it:

--- Quote ---Unimproved road from Junction Nevada 447 (former Nevada 34) near Gerlach east to Winnemucca via Sulphur and Jungo
--- End quote ---

Looking at the aerial map, it looks like a dirt road to me. You can see for yourself.

Nevada road maps produced by NDOT, including historic maps as well as the 2007-2008 version, all show the road to Jungo as being mostly unimproved since its inception (parts are graded, but nothing is paved).  It should be noted that Jungo Road is former Nevada SR 49.  The route is no longer in Nevada's state highway system as of the 1976 renumbering, with the number disappearing from state highway maps by 1982.  The route may still erroneously show up on some maps as NV 49, though.

Given that former SR 49 (and SR 48) serves the south end of the Black Rock desert area (the area where Burning Man is held), it may still receive some minimal maintenance from Humboldt and Pershing Counties.  I haven't personally driven it, so cannot completely attest to the status of the road.

Will welcome any info on feasibility of towing my 29' trailer on this unpaved route between Winnemucca and Gerlach NV.  The west end is Burning Man country so I know a lot of folks have been there but not sure how many have take Jungo road from the east to get there.  This is one of the few roads I have not taken in my frequent trips from Utah to the Oregon coast over the years.

Can't believe there have been two threads on this...



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