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I-15 between MPs 282-284 is closed because a light pole fell onto the freeway overnight in high wind ... and an inspection of other poles in the area revealed many problems ahead of another winter storm.

--- Quote ---A UDOT spokesperson tells FOX 13 more than one light pole fell onto the road Sunday night due to high winds and had to be moved, causing UDOT to start inspecting other poles in the area near Triumph Boulevard.

On Monday, UDOT inspectors found several other poles in the same area with stress fractures caused by years of wear and tear. So, UDOT made the decision to remove them due to the risk of them falling during Monday night's upcoming storm.

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Here's a live UDOT camera at MP 278 northbound:

Occidental Tourist:

--- Quote from: Kniwt on September 26, 2021, 05:04:12 PM ---KSL reports that I-15 in Lehi will be restriped using "contrast striping," with more to come throughout the state:

--- Quote ---Utah transportation crews are set to address one of the main complaints they've heard from I-15 drivers passing through the Point of the Mountain in recent years: the painted lane stripes.

Beginning Sunday night, Utah Department of Transportation crews will repaint the stripes with what's known as "contrast striping" in each direction from the Point of Mountain to Main Street in Lehi. From 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Sundays through Fridays throughout October, crews will close up to four freeway lanes in each direction to accomplish this, according to UDOT spokesman John Gleason.

... Gleason explained the current stripes can be difficult to see beginning around fall and continuing into winter because the lower angle of the sun, and then snowstorms can make visibility "more challenging." That's a problem because close to 200,000 vehicles use that section of road daily.

Contrast striping is a new method of lane striping that UDOT officials feel can help with those issues. Gleason said they tested it on the freeway from about 9000 South to the Bangerter Highway in Salt Lake County and they've received mostly positive feedback since. It's why they plan to expand the process in Lehi and then other parts of the state in the next year.

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A wonderful news article that never once explains what contrast striping is or how it addresses low light conditions. There’s even a link embedded in the words “contrast striping” that takes you to another article that doesn’t mention contrast striping at all.


--- Quote from: Kniwt on December 27, 2021, 06:16:39 PM ---I-15 between MPs 282-284 is closed because a light pole fell onto the freeway overnight in high wind ... and an inspection of other poles in the area revealed many problems ahead of another winter storm.

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KSL reports that UDOT is now going to remove all 23 of the remaining 120-foot light poles in the area:

--- Quote ---Crews removed the pole that day but then found four similar poles were unstable after an inspection. This resulted in an emergency closure of the freeway in both directions that lasted several hours on Dec. 27, as crews removed those poles.

None of the poles were that old. They were all installed as a part of UDOT's I-15 Technology Corridor project just a year or two ago, according to Gleason. It remains unclear as to why one fell and four others became unstable.

But the agency's engineers didn't feel confident that they could continue inspections of the poles while they remain on I-15, so engineers will remove the 23 other poles installed in the area at the time and inspect them away from the busy freeway.

--- End quote ---

St. George News has a long article surveying the history of roads in Washington County and vicinity. Highlights include the original LaVerkin bridge over the Virgin River, the Bigelow Tunnel on US 91, and construction of I-15. Lots of pics.

Watching the Utah Legislature, you have the expected changes (establishment of SR-179, truncation of SR-138 to SR-179, extension of SR-85 to SR-201), there are a couple interesting tidbits:

—The legislative (and milepost) direction of SR-194 (Lehi’s 2100 North between Redwood Road and I-15/US-89) has been flipped (west-to-east from east-to-west), and the route has been extended slightly to the stoplight right after the I-15/US-89 interchange.

—There are a couple amendments mentioning westward extensions of SR-71 and SR-92. I presume 71 will continue on 12600 South to MVC (SR-85) and SR-92’s extension is across a yet-to-be-built Jordan River crossing, right?


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