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Caltrans External Exit Tabs & 240 Inch Tall Overhead Signs

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Caltrans updated the standard plans on 16 April 2021 to now include external exit tabs. It's plan S122 and they are officially called an Exit Plaque.

All of the overhead sign structures have been redesigned.  There used to be separate sign structures for standard signs and CMSs.  These have been consolidated into a new sign structure called the Versatile Truss.

The Versatile Truss comes in three different heights, or frame depths -- 60, 72, and 120 inches tall.  These allow for a maximum sign height of 80, 180, and 240 inches, respectively.

Placing a 240 inch sign on a 120 inch structure will of course have considerable overhang.  The sign panel will be centered vertically on the structure, as the overhang is designed to be equal above and below the sign structure.

This will lead to much larger sign panels being available for use on California freeways.  They will also look different because the sign panels will extend below the bottom of the sign structure as they do in some other states.

You have some example images of this update? Want to see how the new BGS design compares to what I see in other states.

it's not April 1


--- Quote from: SkyPesos on April 18, 2021, 12:07:11 PM ---You have some example images of this update? Want to see how the new BGS design compares to what I see in other states.

--- End quote ---

I haven't seen any of these new sign structures out in the wild yet, but here is some info from the standard plans:

The updated standard plans are available here:  The versatile truss plans start on page 222 of that PDF.

All of the examples show sign panels of equal height; I don't see anywhere that makes that a requirement though.

--- Quote ---The Versatile Truss is a new truss design. It replaces the changeable message sign
(CMS) overhead sign truss. The Versatile Truss can accommodate sign panels (up to 240
inches tall), exit plaques (up to 60 inches tall), changeable message signs (CMS), and
extinguishable message signs (EMS).

The original standard overhead truss on Standard Plan sheets S1 through S22 will remain
available in the Standard Plans during a limited transition period. Projects should begin to
callout the Versatile Truss as soon as possible. The original Standard Plan truss will
eventually be discontinued from the Standard Plans.

--- End quote ---


Are these mirrored for some reason or will all the exit number plaques be on the left -_-


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