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Did I miss something?  Is it already July, and nobody has started this topic yet?

What are everyone's plans for this year?

I'm trying to decide between this fall and next fall for a family vacation in Chicago.  For me, this would be the first time I've been in Illinois since 2016.  But that was just a passing-through between here and Tennessee to buy a car.  More importantly, it would be the first time I've set foot in Chicago since 2007.

As for the driving route, it would be the first time I've taken US-36 (CKC) across Missouri.  It's quite possible, in fact, that I've never been on US-36 since the CKC moniker was instituted—not even stopped at Cameron for gas on the way up to Iowa/Minnesota.  So, between Cameron (MO) and the Pittsfield (IL) exit, it would be all new terrain for me.  Also, now that cash on the Chicago-area tollways doesn't seem to be a thing anymore, planning how to get to the hotel would be more difficult.  Only rarely have I ever shunpiked in Chicagoland, and it always used to be because of weekend traffic rather than the tolls themselves.

I do have a question for those of you who live in the Chicago area:  With the recent increase in COVID infections among the unvaccinated, how likely do you think it is that Chicago museums will still be open, say, three months from now?

I doubt the museums will close again, but that state has started re-instituting travel restrictions from hotspot states.

As for a route, if you're avoiding tolls you can take US 36->I-172->IL 110->I-74->I-80

If you're hotel is downtown, you can use I-80->I-57->I-94.

If you're in a western suburb, you can use I-80->I-55 and then IL 53, IL 83, or LaGrange Rd depending on how far out.

I have already done trips with family.

One was early in the year for a trip down the St. Johns to a place called Astor in Lake County (though, I should note, it is right on the county line with Volusia). Pretty place.

I have had some serious family stuff recently and upcoming (next month and near the end of the year).

A couple of weddings, to say the least. One in Delaware and one in Staten Island.

Max Rockatansky:
I do small scale stuff pretty much every other week.  This Friday I’ll be going out hiking on Old CA 1 over Montara Mountain.  On the larger side of things we have a trip to Idaho scheduled for September and for Honolulu in November.  We’ll be heading out to southern Oregon again in early August for a hiking trip.

In June we had a big family reunion and road trip in Florida.  Notably my wife was able to knock two National Parks off her list; Everglades and Biscayne.

I might travel somewhere in August I don't know yet.


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