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Quebec's Papineau-Labelle Nature Reserve


Iím am planning a motorcycling holiday for the summer of 2023 which would include many of the roads within Papineau-Labelle.  The maps I have available do not clearing identify which roads are gravel surface and which are paved.  I prefer paved roads, I can travel gravel roads but my motorcycle is more suited to paved roads.  My plan is to travel by motorcycle and then hike some of the trails within the nature reserve.

The roads I am considering are Route 1, Route 3, Route 4, Route 6, Route 32.

Anyone out there have information on these road surfaces?  Thanks in advance.




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Thanks for the reply, I've checked the Avenza maps previously.  The map legend indentifies the roads as "secondary" etc, which could be asphalt, or not.
I was hoping for input from someone who has driven the roads and are familiar with the surfaces.

Hello. There are no paved roads within the limits of the reserve. At best, it's packed gravel. At worst, it's unmaintained, former logging roads that are gradually being closed by vegetation. I advise to avoid the reserve if you are not riding an Enduro.

Safe travels.


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