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The best day of the following for the road meet?

Saturday, May 12
- 5 (18.5%)
Saturday, May 19
- 8 (29.6%)
Saturday, May 26
- 4 (14.8%)
Saturday, June 2
- 6 (22.2%)
Saturday, June 23
- 4 (14.8%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Voting closed: January 21, 2018, 07:43:59 PM

Author Topic: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet  (Read 8439 times)


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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #25 on: January 28, 2018, 03:19:02 PM »

Damn! I should have checked this earlier, I could have made it if it was May 26th or later because I will be in Europe during those first two weekends. Maybe next time.


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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #26 on: January 28, 2018, 09:28:49 PM »

I don't have any plans that weekend (yet). It's also pretty close by. I will likely be in attendance.


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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #27 on: January 29, 2018, 09:42:23 AM »

I have to see if I have anything going on that weekend.  It's up in the air, as I may have to fly to Phoenix to help my mom move back to IL from Arizona.  As soon as I get more solid details, I'll let you know.
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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #28 on: February 15, 2018, 08:44:39 PM »

I'd say a 90% chance that I'll make this one.


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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #29 on: February 17, 2018, 11:25:28 PM »

Whoa!  Didn't see there was a roadmeet right in my neck of the woods.  Maybe it's time for me to show up at my first one  :hmmm:

May 19 would be a good weekend for me.  Thank goodness it wasn't the 12th.  Mother's Day AND my gf's birthday (whew)
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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #30 on: February 20, 2018, 07:08:34 AM »

Whoa!  Didn't see there was a roadmeet right in my neck of the woods.  Maybe it's time for me to show up at my first one  :hmmm:

May 19 would be a good weekend for me.  Thank goodness it wasn't the 12th.  Mother's Day AND my gf's birthday (whew)

We enjoy meeting new people, so it would be great if you can join us. :)
-A.J. from Michigan


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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #31 on: May 03, 2018, 05:52:33 AM »

And here's the meet itinerary:

Aurora Naperville Road Meet Tour Route (5/19/2018)

•   Welcome to Illinois’s 5th largest municipality, Naperville, specifically the part located in Will County, Illinois’s 4th largest county.

•   Today, you will go through:
o   Parts of 4 counties, Will, Kendall, Kane, and DuPage;
o   Parts of 2 IDOT districts (District 1 and District 3), as well as the Illinois Tollway; and
o   Parts of 8 municipalities, Naperville, Oswego, Montgomery, Aurora, Sugar Grove, North Aurora, Bolingbrook, and Plainfield.

•   Park the vehicles in the shopping center lot behind Sharko’s.
•   Exit the parking lot and turn right (west) onto 111th Street.
•   Turn right onto Lincoln Highway (US-30) west.
•   As we head northward along westbound US-30, welcome to Kendall County and IDOT District 3.
•   Compare and contrast the old and the new, the new subdivisions, the old motels; the new warehouses, the old adult store as we continue along US-30 through Oswego.  Also, take note of how municipalities stake out their territory with their water towers.
•   We will continue across US-34, leaving US-30 as we go north onto Hill Avenue in Montgomery.  This was a small interchange until the early 2000s.  There is nothing left of the interchange here.  US-34 also changed names around that time.  Formerly, it was known as “Oswego Road”.  Subsequently, it became known as “Ogden Avenue”.  North of the shopping center, we cross into Kane County.
•   As we cross Montgomery Road, welcome to Illinois’s 2nd largest municipality, Aurora.
•   We will turn left into Phillips Park Golf Course for our 1st stop, the Lincoln Highway Shelter.
•   The shelter is where we will take the group photo.

•   We will turn right out of the Phillips Park GC parking lot and then turn right again onto Montgomery Road.
•   Turn left onto Douglas Road (crossing back into Kendall County) and then right onto US-30.
•   US-30 through here was widened recently from a two-lane road into a four-lane divided road.
•   We will cross IL-25, the Fox River, and into Kane County (IDOT District 1), and then exit onto IL-31.
•   At the signal, go straight across IL-31 onto Watkins Avenue.  Turn right at the end of the street onto River Street.
•   Go to the end of River Street for our 2nd stop.
•   This bridge over the Fox was recently rehabbed, and the trail bridge underneath was added.

•   We will then go back to IL-31 along River and Watkins.  Turn right onto IL-31 (Lake Street).
•   Follow IL-31 north back into Aurora, and turn right at Prairie Street.
•   Turn left at River Street, then right onto North Avenue (ironically named as it is on the south side of Aurora) and cross the Fox River.
•   After the railroad viaduct, turn left onto IL-25 (Broadway).  Follow IL-25 into downtown and turn left at New York Street.  New York Street is former IL-65.
•   Turn left into the parking lot just before the Fox River for our 3rd stop.
•   Aurora has three parts, east of the Fox River, west of the Fox River, and here, in downtown, Stolp Island, in the middle of the Fox River.

•   Exit the parking lot and turn left onto New York Street.  Turn left at IL-31 (Lake Street), and right again at Galena Boulevard.  Galena Boulevard is Old Bus US-30 (former US-30).
•   Follow Galena Boulevard west to Densmore Road.  Take note of the trail bridge before we turn.
•   Go north on Densmore Road to Hankes Road and turn left.  Go to Golf View Road (by Bliss GC) and turn left to IL-56.  Here, we will enter the IL-56 freeway at a RIRO.
•   Follow IL-56 to IL-47 south.  Watch your speed as Sugar Grove likes to park in the median of IL-56 and IL-47.  Note the unpaved shoulders on this freeway.
•   We will collect at the BP just south of IL-56 on IL-47 (4th stop).

•   From there, we will go back to IL-56 and follow the freeway to I-88.
•   We will stay on I-88 for about 3 miles to IL-31, following IL-56.  After exiting the tollway, turn left onto IL-31.
•   Follow IL-31 north to IL-56 (State Street) in North Aurora and turn right to cross the Fox River.  We will turn right once again onto IL-25 and follow it down to Mettel Road/Grant Street just past the I-88 bridge and turn right for our 5th stop, the I-88 bridge over the Fox River.

•   After this stop, go straight onto Mettel Road, and we will pass by the Aurora Toll Plaza on I-88.
•   Turn right onto Mitchell Road, then left onto Konen Avenue.  Then left onto Church Road, followed by a quick right onto Molitor Road.  At Farnsworth Avenue, we will turn left, followed by a quick right into the office parking lot for our 6th stop, the revamped I-88/Farnsworth Avenue interchange.  Here, you can get out and cross the tollway on foot.

•   After this stop, we will go north of Farnsworth and get on I-88 east.  We will exit 4 miles later (after crossing into DuPage County) at the IL-59 DDI in Naperville.
•   At IL-59, exit and turn left.  Then turn left onto Ferry Road, with another left onto Celebration Drive.  Then left again onto Odyssey Avenue back to IL-59.  Turn right onto IL-59 and go through the DDI.
•   Follow IL-59 south to North Aurora Road.  This section of IL-59 was widened and improved a few years ago.  Turn left at North Aurora Road.
•   Follow North Aurora Road to US-34 where it becomes Ogden Avenue.  Follow Ogden Avenue east to Washington Street and turn right.
•   Take Washington Street south to Jefferson Avenue and turn left.  Turn right into the parking deck and go to the upper-most level.  Meet at the stairs by the southwest corner for our 7th stop.
•   Welcome to downtown Naperville and the Riverwalk.  The Riverwalk affords views of new and old bridges, some vehicular, some pedestrian only.  You can also walk under most of the bridges here.

•   Exiting the parking deck, turn right onto Jefferson Avenue and then right again onto Ellsworth Street.  This is the campus of North Central College, adjacent to downtown Naperville.  Turn right again onto Chicago Avenue.
•   Turn left onto Washington Street, followed by a right onto Aurora Avenue (by the old-looking Burger King).  Go west to West Street and turn left.  Follow West Street south to Rickert Drive and turn left.  This becomes Plainfield-Naperville Road.
•   Continue south back into Will County and turn left at 95th Street.  Follow 95th Street across the new Kings Road-95th Street Bridge across the DuPage River into Bolingbrook, and turn right onto Deatherage Drive to park.  This is our 8th stop.  Here, you can cross the bridge and observe the confluence of the East and West Branches of the DuPage River.

•   From here, turn around back to Kings Road and turn right to Boughton Road.  At Boughton Road, turn left.
•   Follow Boughton Road to Weber Road and turn right.  Turn left at Veterans Parkway and left again into the Bank of America parking lot for out 9th and final stop.  Here, you can see an old sidewalk that betrays the old street pattern in the area.  Formerly, Weber Road ended at Naperville Road (Veterans Parkway) here.

•   Turn right back to Weber Road and turn left onto Weber Road.  Go south to 119th Street, also known as Rodeo Drive.  Turn right onto Rodeo Drive and now you can say you were on Rodeo Drive in Illinois (gag).  Along Rodeo Drive (119th Street) is the Bolingbrook Golf Club (aka the “Roge-Mahal”) owned by the Village of Bolingbrook.  The nickname is due to it being built (and Rodeo Drive named) by long-time and current Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar.
•   Follow 119th Street west to IL-59 through Plainfield, and turn right, back to our starting point at 111th Street and IL-59.
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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #32 on: May 13, 2018, 03:30:52 PM »

I was looking forward to this, but regret I will have to take a pass.  I had a medical procedure last week from which I am not recovering nearly as well as I'd hoped, and I don't want to cause problems for the itinerary if there will be good amounts of walking or standing around.  Have fun!

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Re: Aurora-Naperville Road Meet
« Reply #33 on: May 13, 2018, 08:45:32 PM »

I am not going to be available at this road meet as well as this was unplanned... I have a Sectional Unified track meet over in Griffith that I have to attend on the same day. If it wasn't for that, then I would definitely join in!! Have fun though!!


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