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Multi-billion $ toll projects move in Seattle WA

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Gee..then why not just go ahead and convert EVERY single controlled-access freeway...oh, I'm sorry, "expressway"..... in the US to full toll and just get the Federal Government out of the highway business altogether?

Of course, TollRoadNews supports this option....look at who they represent and who are funding them.

Sorry, but highways built with public revenue through gas taxes should remain "free" and not become a slush fund cash cow for private interests....especially foreign interests.

Even light-rail alternatives are preferable to this looting of the public.


If the tolls collected on a road in question were dedicated solely to maintenance, operations, and upgrade of that road, I could accept that.  Unfortunately, there are very few examples of that around the country, and the politicians would muck it up anyway by diverting toll revenue to pet projects (I-80 PA, anyone?).


--- Quote from: ctroadgeek on May 28, 2009, 06:09:14 PM ---If I recall correctly, there's a tolled section of road/bridge in New York that pays for a different bridge over 300 miles away. And state DOT's wonder why tolling is so unpopular...

--- End quote ---

I know about some free bridges from PA to NJ from about Trenton northward that are maintained by funding from toll bridges in the same area.  All the bridges are maintained by the same toll agency.  Not sure if this is what you meant.


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