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According to this article on TollRoadNews, there is a plan to increase tolls on the Dulles Toll Road to fund the long-proposed Metro heavy-rail (a.k.a. subway) line running in the middle of or parallel to the toll road and the airport access highway.

DC airports outfit to hike tolls 80% on Dulles Toll Road to fund metro rail line

So, why shouldn't the actual users of that rail pay for a change? Man you guys sound like Europe  X-(

Part 1 is now in place:
Tolls increased 40% on Dulles Toll Road, northern Virginia as of January 1st.

Sort of related but the General Assembly wants to stop people from using the free Dulles Airport Access Road to cheat on not having to pay tolls by turning around at the airport.  However, I still believe that people will either caught for actually going to the airport to drop someone off or get around it by using other roads in the airport to access Ariane Way(according to Google Maps) to access SR 606 and VA 28

The move is already illegal.  What this proposes is a photo enforcement system...


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