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--- Quote from: J N Winkler on July 26, 2009, 11:07:30 AM ---Trust me--it is.  US 160 and US 166 are too far south to be of day-to-day relevance to drivers from Wichita.  And even with US 400, Kansas is hardly overprovided with US routes.  On this basis, Ogallala, Nebraska does not need US 30 because it is already served by US 26.

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I think a better example might be between Kansas City and St. Joesph in Missouri with US 71 and US 169; or somewhere in Illinois or Indiana.

And about Kansas being over-provided with US routes, I have to wonder about that, especially in the pre-interstate days compared to Illinois south of US 36 and Missouri inside the US 66/US 63/US 60/US 67 polygon.  Now I haven't measured the spacing of US routes versus population, but I have to wonder why a US route between US 54 at Camdenton and US 60 at Henderson, Kentucky never came about when Kansas has the somewhat closely spaced US 281/US 183/US 283 trio.

Kansas is big for agricultural commerce. Grain, cattle, pigs, etc. Most of the U.S. routes out there are built to pretty high standards (large shoulders, wide lanes, a lot of bypasses, not a lot of stops, etc).


Try as I might, I just can't get worked up over U.S. 400 like I can other numbering violations.

I think it's because of what the number implies. U.S. 412 says "Hey, look at me, I'm a branch of U.S. 12." U.S. 400 implies it is a branch route of nothing. Which is a bit odd, but considering what someone said about 412 (when it was commissioned, there was no logical EW parent) I think the x00 numbers could be useful for "there's no way to fit a 2dus in the grid here, or we don't want this to be a 2dus, but we don't really have any idea what to designate as its parent." I think 412 should become 300 and 425 should be 200. At least the three routes would have something in common. Designating parents for 3duses always seems somewhat arbitrary anyway due to their length these days.

As for U.S. 400 itself, it's a great road. Mostly two lane but KDOT has obviously given it some extra attention. There are some short freeway bursts, and the rest of the route is high quality concrete with wide shoulders. Definitely should have some sort of U.S. route designation.

Florida uses x00 for its diagonal state routes, so there is precedent for x00 as an exception.

Of course it would be immensely awesome if there was a U.S. 0. I've always liked the absurdity of the idea of a Highway 0... Hungary (or some other country around there) actually has a beltway numbered M0!


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