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J N Winkler:

--- Quote from: CoreySamson on November 12, 2022, 09:06:44 PM ---This may be an awful bump, but I'm not sure where else to put this. I was driving the easternmost section of US 400 in far SE Kansas between Baxter Springs and Joplin today and I noticed some construction on what I must assume is a new alignment of US 400. It appears to be a continuation of the Baxter Springs bypass, crossing US 166 at the current US 166/400 diverge, running south of the current alignment. There were several new bridges over creeks and ditches being constructed there, as well as an interchange at that aforementioned diverge. The new alignment swung east to connect back up with US 400 just to the south of the K-26 intersection. East of that, it appears that the current US 166/US 400 is getting widened into 4 lanes all the way to the Missouri border.

Anybody know what is going on in this area and what the future goal is?
--- End quote ---

You were driving through construction for KDOT project 166-11 KA-1005-02, which is an upgrade of US 166/US 400 to function as a freeway connector between US 69 and I-44.  The contract was let in September 2021 for a bit under $55 million.

Leaflet explaining project concept (probably from 2012)

It was originally included in T-Works, the 2010's transportation program, but was delayed when highway funding was diverted to cover shortfalls elsewhere in the state budget due to ill-conceived tax cuts ("Bank of KDOT").

Interesting, thank you!


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